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A new—and altogether different—screen excitement! 1960/6/22 109 min.


The Psycho Movie is the greatest and most popular thriller movie ever produced. The movie was highly praised by both the critics and the audience as well as it has been successfully distributed around the world. However, the Psycho Movie was made to entertain only and there are very few people who have actually seen it.

In the movie, James Stewart plays Norman Bates and he is a teenager who has a wide circle of friends. One of the boys named Danny (Clint Eastwood) is the only one who could tell Norman about his sick family history that has triggered his obsession with death. Norman is a closet homicidal maniac but the famous "Psycho" song, which features the voice of James Stewart adds spice to the story.

James Stewart had to appear in the film and make a fool of himself so the makers decided to include some scene making actors to appear in the movie for fun only. Many of the actors in the movie have found out about this prank, but they have refused to be involved in the movie which is why many scenes look totally different from what was initially planned.

All of the actors in the movie like Johnny Depp, Geena Davis, and Angela Lansbury have remained loyal to the series of Psycho movies and they always believe that the series is going to come out with some better sequels. This is why many people think that the series has been over just because of the release of Psycho. However, they still have their dream to see another installment in the series and they are hopeful that James Stewart will be part of it again.

There are many reasons why people are satisfied with the movie. One of the reasons is that they like the acting of a whole bunch of actors and not just one or two. The direction of the movie is also quite good and many people find it very interesting and sometimes the screenplay is just too clever.

The online viewers are very satisfied with the movie and they do not really understand why the directors thought it was necessary to make all of the scenes look different from the original screenplay. Most of the viewers are wondering how the scenes look like the way they did when they watched the movie the first time. This is one reason why many fans are not satisfied with the ending of the movie.

Watching the movie, you will feel that you are watching an authentic true story about a murder mystery. The Psycho movie was a success and it is a must-see for every fan of James Stewart.

The movie was produced and directed by the famous Vincenzo Natali, who was in charge of the original films of the series. He created the set that looks like a real location and he gave some real twists to the plot in the movie. The shooting of the movie was carried out on location and it is quite exciting to watch because you get the feeling that you are actually there.

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