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Star Wars (1977)

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... 1977/5/25 121 min.


Being a huge fan of Star Wars, I started working on a fan-made movie series that revolved around the movies. This way, I could enjoy the movies with my friends. My friends in turn became my patrons and it's because of them that I was able to produce this video series.

I got inspired to create a series about the prequel trilogy, The Phantom Menace. I wanted to make a show that included everything from opening scenes to closing ones. To make this possible, I used my love for the movie trilogy and my passion for the Star Wars universe.

I am still enjoying my success after all these years. It is because of these original ideas that I can now be a producer and sell the video series online. I can now get new customers all the time, and it's because of the new clients that I can continue working on the serie.

I have learned that a lot of people love to watch the serie, and they want to see it almost every day. I have to admit that most of my viewers are women. Most of my female viewers are from the USA, which is really good for me since it's one of the biggest marketplaces online.

There are some men who love the Star Wars franchise too. The main reason why they came to my series is to find out if the new movies will be able to replace the old one. Since they can not get all the latest episodes anywhere else, they wanted to know how they can get them in a convenient way.

The Internet has helped me in every way. I used to sell books at garage sales and pawn shops. But, I could never make a decent profit from that kind of sale, so I learned how to sell these online.

Now, I am finally in the position to produce a movie series that revolve around the whole series. I now have a lot of profit from the serie. The series is good and I am not trying to replace the movies, but I am trying to sell it in a more convenient way.

The reason why I am doing this serie is because I love Star Wars. In fact, I would like to become the kind of filmmaker that does great work and is able to bring even more fans to the franchise. All of this has made me realize that I have to become more profitable so that I can continue working on the series.

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