The Empire Strikes Back
The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

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The Adventure Continues... 1980/5/20 124 min.


The Empire Strikes Back is a Star Wars movie in the original trilogy. The movie was released a few days after Return of the Jedi. It was released in 1977, as the last movie of the original trilogy.

As the story goes, the Millennium Falcon comes across an Imperial Star Destroyer and destroys it, leaving the Imperials reeling. Luke Skywalker, accompanied by two young Anakin twins, enters the battle to confront the evil Darth Vader. Later, the Princess Leia offers to help Luke, telling him she'll be joining the Rebellion. Luke rejects her offer and heads for the secret base where he and Han Solo intend to fight the Empire.

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back is a picture-perfect movie in every aspect. Set in an attractive cityscape, the action of the movie takes place over a period of three weeks in December of the year between October and November. The city plays a central role in the movie, with Rebel fighters setting up operations out of an Imperial bunker on the planet Hoth. At the end of the movie, a battle erupts between Rebel and Imperial forces over the planet Hoth.

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