Ghostbusters (1984)

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They ain't afraid of no ghost. 1984/6/8 107 min.


Well, it's here! You're about to discover the long awaited sequel to the original Ghostbusters movie. It may be one of the best movies ever made, and you just might love it. This article is going to provide some of the major features that will make your first viewing an amazing experience.

For fans, this movie has become a very popular online video game. Ghostbusters (2020) is the follow up to the popular game series from the original Ghostbusters movie. There are also numerous websites that have sprung up that offer online demos of the game, or even the full game for download.

The Ghostbusters movie has now made its way onto the big screen. It will be a great time for fans who have been waiting so long for the movie to come out. As you can see, it's an excellent decision for you to take advantage of online services that allow you to watch the movie and help you make the most of your viewing experience.

The premiere hall was decorated beautifully in Ghostbusters (2020). While the set is great, and it looked like the Ghostbusting crew was having a blast, the scene inside the hall wasn't as good. The set looks beautiful, but unfortunately there weren't many ghost proof doors around.

I'm sure by now you've heard of this amusing incident, and some of the crew member had a very funny story about it. Just when everyone was relaxing in the luxury chairs waiting for the movie to begin, an elevator door suddenly opened, and a "ghost" (in this case a ghost from the afterlife) appeared. This happened during the second act, and the crew was forced to shut the doors down immediately, allowing no ghostly visitors to be able to get through.

There was a specific stairway in the production office where filming took place. Ghostbusters (2020) has a lot of scenes inside of this set, which was lit with huge floodlights for better filming, and for security. Unfortunately, one of the floodlights was accidentally left on for part of the shooting, and after it started to malfunction, they realized it was just a glitch.

One of the most notable scenes in the movie was a scene where our main characters were trying to find their way out of the city. The Ghostbusters spent a lot of time in the subway, which you can now see. Fans who saw this scene in the preview, said it was very eerie, but the darkness did make it more exciting to watch.

Don't forget to pay tribute to your favorite guy Gary Corleone, because he'll never let you forget it. The scene where the hoodlum hits Jake was staged to show what would happen if the Ghostbusters were hit by a firework. The hoodlum was supposed to hit them and break their spine, but unfortunately he missed!

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