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A cop on the edge. 1984/8/17 115 min.


Tightrope's movie "The Tenderloin" tells the story of a married man named John Stith who is forced to relocate in San Francisco after the death of his wife. The only problem is that he moves into a neighborhood called the Tenderloin where the residents are mostly prostitutes, drug addicts, and pimps. Tightrope, like any other character in the movie, is a strong character because of what is going on around him.

In the book "Tightrope: A Novel About a Man Who Bends," the author described the Tenderloin as a "parallel universe." For instance, in real life tightrope walkers and actors walk across a one foot wide board on the first ten steps of a tightrope. In the book, the tightrope walker walks the whole length of the board with no breaks in between, until it reaches the last step where the first ten steps start again. While the character in the book is walking a one foot board, "The Tenderloin" makes us feel as if the tightrope is walking on three feet of concrete with a wire wrapped around his ankles to prevent him from slipping.

Tightrope's character development in the movie version of "The Tenderloin" is almost too perfect to be believable. He has to face the fact that he has made some major mistakes in his past, especially after the death of his wife, but instead of changing for the better, he becomes even worse.

The main character of "The Tenderloin" also faces a great deal of personal tragedy and grief when his wife dies. He also faces a lot of rejection from those around him in his new neighborhood.

Tightrope, like many of the characters in the movie, has his own motivation for being a performer. His goal is not to make it big in the music business but rather to be accepted by those around him and to find true love.

Tightrope and his story are fascinating for a number of reasons. As a reader, I think it's a good thing that he's so flawed because the story is very difficult to follow. but I also think the movie version of "The Tenderloin" is unrealistic in a number of ways.

In the book, the writer describes Seattle as a very different place than it is portrayed in the movie version of "The Tenderloin." He describes the people in Seattle as being very happy and upbeat. In the book, he explains how the people of Seattle are able to handle life at all because of their optimism.

The other difference that I think the movie gets right in the book is the relationship between Tightrope and the woman he fell in love with. In the book, she is his friend. In the movie, she's a business associate who helps him with his music career.

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