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Three Decades of Life in the Mafia. 1990/9/12 145 min.


The GoodFellas is a movie that I enjoyed watching from start to finish. It really gave me a sense of confidence and a growing desire to be in New York City. I read through the reviews for this movie to see what others thought of it. One thing I did notice is that the majority of them were from women. Men had nothing to say about this movie.

The GoodFellas was not made for the male population but it has a specific audience that it did appeal to. The movie deals with the rise and fall of the Mafia. The men of the Mafia were nothing like the men portrayed in the movie. The movie certainly portrays the nastiest of characters. However, these are just the men who got away.

You would think that the movie would portray the male side of the story but it does not. The male characters have a couple of moments, but they do not contribute anything to the plot of the movie. Even the women in the movie are only briefly mentioned and their roles were never the same again as the movie ended.

The movie had no female director. No woman was responsible for directing the movie. That is a definite sign that the movie was aimed at a female audience. The female characters were not introduced in a way that they could be part of the male subplot.

The female characters in other movies were given more screen time. Not here. Even though the movie started out with an ending that went to a different location than the one we saw at the end of the movie, all of the women in the movie were left in the same position. They were stuck in a position to be killed by the men who were supposed to be heroes. Not even to the extent of being raped or killed by their friends.

Some of the characters were shown as less than human in this movie. Some were so bad that the actors should have been thrown in jail. Not only were they shown as bad people, but they were shown as people who could never be good in the eyes of God. The women in the movie were not given any redeeming characteristics other than the fact that they had to be raped by their husbands to stay alive.

The GoodFellas does not have a Mafia in the movie. In reality, there was a Mafia in the movie but they never showed up to save the day. These women did not only have to be raped by the men who were supposed to be the Mafia but they also had to endure the men's violence on the women they loved.

This movie was enjoyable for me and the female audience because it had some pretty funny moments. It was enjoyable to watch but I do not recommend that you go and see it again. Why? Because you have to take some things into consideration that the director of the movie probably didn't want you to know about.

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