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1990/10/3 92 min.


Walt Disney presents this Norwegian production premiered on October three of nineteen ninety; directed by the native of the same country Nils Gaup, produced by John M. Jacobsen and written by the literary OV Falck Ytter.

The electoral cast is composed of Stian Smestad who will play the young Haakon Haakonson; Gabriel Byrne will be Lieutenant John Merrick; Trod Peter Stamo Munch will be Jens; Louisa Milwood Haigh will be Mary; Knut Walle will be Berg, and actor Harald Brenna will play the character of Steine.

The film is set in the year 1850 and deals with the adventures of Haakon Haakonson, a young man who approaches a shipping company with his father, who will then have to take responsibility in the cabin after his father is injured.

A family friend and faithful travel companion of Haakon's father named Jens, who is also aboard the shipping company; will be the guide of little Haakon Haakonson, and he will become a kind of big brother.

Young Haakon has a hard time adapting to the life of the sailor; when leaving an Australian port, the British officer known as Howell, who joins the crew in order to provide protection against pirates; nevertheless, the sailor climbs aboard the ship in a clandestine way military weapons, something that the young man immediately disapproved; but the cunning Howell tries to convince him not to alert the captain of the ship.

The ship's capital dies after being poisoned by the first officer; Howell is promoted to the position and when touching port another group of sailors joins the ship's crew; the young cabin officer discovers a cop on board the ship, his name is Mary; which becomes a love relationship.

Life inside the ship becomes harder every day under the command of the now capital Howell; for Jens, Haakon and the original crew being inside the shipping company is a complete hell; when Howell discovers Mary aboard the ship, she gathers the crew and orders that everyone who knows of her existence step forward; the young and brave Haakon, who, inspired by his feelings for her, steps forward and admits their relationship.

The captain orders to repress the sailor with a series of lashes; Jens protests and alleges that he is only a child and that these scourges would represent certain death; Howell in a show of authority before the uprising of Jens, orders that it be the same who punishes his young friend.

Fortunately, the maritime trial is interrupted by a storm of great proportions, which destroys the deck of the ship and even causes it to sink, a scenario that Haakon uses in his favor since it allows him to flee the ship.

The young Haakonson wakes up on a desert island; he immediately begins to tour the site and finds a series of hidden treasures belonging to pirates; inside they see a poster of justice requesting the dangerous pirate Merrick, who turns out to be Captain Howell himself, this pirate danger murderer to the British sailor and usurp his identity to get on board; and understand that the mysterious new crew is nothing more than the rest of the pirates.

Merrick's plan was to use the ship as a facade and go unnoticed in front of the authorities, to return to the island to recover the stolen loot.

Haakon begins to become stronger and more skilled with the sword and a weapon of the pirates he found, his only company is a gorilla who befriends after a small altercation; the young sailor is desperate to return to his home, one day he manages to observe a column of smoke on a nearby islet, but he can't reach swimming, so he decides to build a raft and start another adventure again.

Original title Håkon Håkonsen
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