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Schindler's List (1993)

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Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire. 1993/11/30 195 min.


It would not be foolish to claim that Steven Spielberg was born to direct Schindler's List. Although the initial idea came from Billy Wilder, this project was crucial to the consecration of the director of Shark (1975) and E.T .: The Extraterrestrial (1982) as a serious and respectful director. It is curious to realize that by this time, when she had been active for more than two decades, even her Hollywood colleagues had given up on expecting from Spielberg anything more than entertainment for the masses. After all, after five Oscar nominations - and five consecutive defeats - he received the Irving G. Thalberg Award in 1987 for his career as a whole. Nothing, therefore, pointed to such a turnaround in his career. But the filmmaker had more to deliver, and as we saw in the following years, this was just the beginning of a major turnaround. And what a twist! Watch online Schindler's List to understand why we say it.

Anyone who has analyzed Steven Spielberg's filmography in the last forty years since his debut with Encurralado (1971) will notice a healthy schizophrenia. After all, for each allegedly adult production (such as The Purple Color, 1985), soon afterwards he would engage in something of pure enjoyment (such as The Hunters of the Lost Ark, 1981, and its sequels). This dichotomy reached its peak in 1993, when Jurassic Park was made at about the same time: The Dinosaur Park, released mid-year and the box office leader around the world, and Schindler's List, which debuted. a few months later, in time to compete for the season's top prizes. That was, in fact, Spielberg's year: not only was he responsible for the most viewed feature film on the planet, but he also signed the most awarded. Of 12 nominations received at the Oscars, businessman Oskar Schindler's drama has won 7 statuettes, including Best Picture and Direction, plus 60 awards and trophies across the globe!

The question that arises when analyzed twenty years later is whether such a result was fair or just a momentary enthusiasm. And a revisit to this modern classic confirms: Schindler's List is, in fact, a milestone for both Spielberg's career and modern cinema itself. Just the boldness of conducting a war epic longer than three hours and in black and white (there are few exceptions in color, basically the first and the last scenes) gets attention, but goes beyond. The saga of the Polish businessman who saw in the imminent conflict the opportunity to get rich without much effort, only by taking advantage of the almost irrational hatred of the Germans by the Jews, and through this involvement found a way to save over a thousand lives from certain death. all the elements for a legitimate modern fairy tale: ambition, madness, violence, redemption, hope, victory. And if romance is lacking, we can stick to two points of view: in the relationship between Schindler and his wife, Emilie, and how she matures as a reflection of the protagonist's own change, or in his involvement with his two antipodes - the Jew Itzhak Stern and the German Amon Goeth. One is intelligence, discretion and insight. The other is brute force, savagery and insanity. And Schindler seems lost between the two extremes, in a balance he will not be able to maintain for long.

Schindler's List could be the movie about the clever Nazi who happened to be a saint. Or how some Jews fooled a Nazi army to save hundreds of lives in the midst of the height of World War II. And that's all about it, but so much more. Spielberg is not exempt from showing the horror and shame of all that his people - himself a Jew - faced in one of the most barbarous episodes of the twentieth century. Schindler has a purpose, but either from a hilltop or beside the Nazi officers who sought to deceive his wiles, he inevitably came to realize the horror of all around him, and did what he can, how he can. And while it does incur some rather exacerbated sentimentality (the final sequence of farewell to the protagonist departs somewhat from the general tone adopted so far and is a good example of this), there is perhaps the most sober and grown-up feature. a director accustomed to the world of fantasy and imagination. Just like a girl in a red dress rushing to save herself in the middle of a gray, faded reality. Her destiny we know, and it could be each of us. And for this courage, to bring to screen what many prefer to turn their faces, such merit cannot be denied, watch now the movie and enjoy.

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