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Sex Is Power. 1994/3/10 123 min.


In today's business environment, it is important for corporations to engage in good disclosure practices. Disclosure is basically the process of Making known information or facts to the general public. Proper disclosure by companies is the act of providing its users, investors, and anyone else involved in transactions with the corporation with enough information so that they are made aware of relevant facts. For instance, a company engaged in manufacturing some goods may inform the public prior to launching their product that their goods contain lead that may be harmful to people's health; this would be very useful to the general public as well as to the company itself.

The main reason behind the need to give out proper and complete disclosure is that it would aid investors, management, employees, and the other key players in a certain company in achieving the objectives of the firm. Key objectives could include the achievement of market share for the company and sales increase. Good and complete disclosure will also aid analysts in coming up with market strategies, forecasts, and other relevant data pertaining to a certain company. Most importantly, good and complete disclosure by a company will aid its stockholders as well as other potential investors in taking informed decisions relating to the purchase or sale of its stocks. The bottom line is that shareholders and other investors would be able to take advantage of the company's financial performance and track record in order to make investment decisions.

The first step in making a good and complete disclosure would be for the entity to establish its place of business. When an entity establishes its place of business, it should also disclose all its current and past activities and the financial results of those activities. This would help investors, management, employees, other financial stakeholders, and the media in determining the growth and development of the organization. Aside from these, an organization should also provide the general public with annual and other reports that will enable them to determine the progress and performance of the company in terms of its finances, sales, revenues, and assets. Key areas that need to be covered in a comprehensive disclosure report would be strategy and planning, management, organization, products and services, and financing and capital resources.

Research reports are very important for any company. Research reports will help potential investors in determining the capability and the reliability of a certain company. Research reports are required for shareholders, employees, suppliers, financial stakeholders, regulatory bodies, and the media to make informed decisions regarding the ownership, investment, business relationships, and other business aspects of a certain company. In addition to providing information regarding the subject company, research reports will also provide other relevant and useful information to potential investors and other interested parties.

There are several different ways on how a company can present its financial and other disclosure statements. Some of these include: Sales and marketing reports, which include accounting and auditing information; P&L (Profit and Loss) reports, which include profit and loss statement of cash flows; Advertising reports, which may include company profiles, market research reports, press releases, industry news, and other similar reports. While the above mentioned are the most common types of disclosures made by companies worldwide, there are also other types of disclosures that are made regularly by most companies. These types of disclosures are: Home Sale Disclosures, which include sales price; Income Statement Disclosures, which provide income statement analysis; and Income Implications, which analyze the effect on investors from changes in a company's income, assets, liabilities, revenues, and shareholders' equity.

Many corporate law firms are focusing their attention on providing disclosure compliance and advisory services to their clients. However, many new and small companies are usually not aware of their legal obligations when it comes to making and keeping disclosures. This is why most corporate law firms are focusing their attention on assisting individuals and companies in fulfilling their legal and financial obligations. Corporate law firms can also help corporations in filing for appropriate legal documentation. If a corporation is not sure about the documentation they need to file, a corporate law firm can provide advice on which documentation they may need to file. If a company is unable to find the documentation they need, they can also advise their clients on where to obtain the documentation should they find it necessary.

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