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Life is like a box of never know what you're gonna get. 1994/7/6 142 min.


Attention! The text contains spoilers. If you haven't watched Forrest Gump yet, go watch it immediately, then come back here and read the review. If you don't care about spoilers, carry on!

The soundtrack of the beginning of Forrest Gump already sets the tone of the film. The film keeps you focused on the screen at all times, mixing drama and humor in the right measure, always with that hint of protest in the background. The trail helps the director to tell the story and make some satires in a very discreet and, at times, imperceptible for less attentive viewers, you can watch online the film to enjoy yourself with this classic.

Phrases like ‚Äúlife is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you can find‚ÄĚ show that dialogues and speeches will be the strong point of the film. Despite being below average when it comes to intellectual capacity, Forrest has very interesting dialogues throughout the film, mainly because of his innocent perspective and, therefore, always sincere about things.

This is an interesting point of the film and a good idea for the director, because through this innocent and naive perspective of Forrest - which serves as a filter, he uses the character as a channel to approach delicate and heavy topics in a more lenient way, such as pedophilia , racism, corruption, among others. As we said, for me, this is one of the best things about the film, seeing things that told by Forrest's innocent perspective take on a comical, light and sometimes positive aspect even though it is negative.

The film touches on issues such as diversity, accessibility and prejudice early on. Mainly presenting Forrest's physical and cognitive difficulties. A great example is the restriction of places in the school by the measure of IQ, in which Forrest is below the average acceptable by the school.

Also at the beginning of the film, the director presents some situations that guide the story of the character Jenny and even Forrest himself, because he keeps Jenny in his mind and heart throughout the film. Jenny and her sisters were constantly abusing their father after their mother died, making Jenny even wish for death, as shown in the scene in which she, fleeing from her father, calls Forrest to pray with her, asking God that would make her fly like a bird to the sky. As it is a strong theme, the director - as we said earlier - tried to soften the account by telling everything through Forrest's naive perspective, who describes the girls' father as a loving father, who liked to kiss them, touch them, etc. ., but that still makes it clear that the report is scary.

Another interesting thing in Forrest Gump is to see the director inserting the character in important historical facts in American history, such as when blacks were allowed to attend a university that only allowed whites, once again addressing the theme of racism, watch now the movie and see this for yourself, it's genius. Or when the college football team met President Kennedy; when Elvis, the King of Rock, stays at Forrest's mother's house and learns one of his most famous dance moves with Forrest himself.

Jenny plays a key role in the film and conveys a very important message. Despite his cognitive difficulties, Forrest managed to grow, develop and become everything he wanted and that his mother dreamed of - even more. And this is mainly due to her struggle to raise her son and raise him as a normal child. All the effort and love spent on it made Forrest what we saw at the end of the film. Jenny was not so lucky. She lost her mother very early and grew up being abused by her father. When he managed to get rid of the monster judicially, he moved in with his grandmother who lived in absolutely precarious conditions. These were his bases and from that, without having any family background and having basically grown up surviving, Jenny lived a life of trial and error, always trying to find her place. When she finally realized that her place was beside those who had always been dedicated to her, it was too late. But we cannot blame her at all, after all, she did not have the basic foundations for a person to grow up and live a happy and structured life, regardless of their choices and lifestyle.

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