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Welcome to the Real World. 1999/3/30 136 min.


Although the movie The Matrix is a huge success, it still has many loyal fans. Here are five major reasons that The Matrix is one of the best movies ever made.

The first reason to watch this movie is that it was directed by the man who directed two sequels. The Matrix was a reboot and it was heavily inspired by the first Matrix movie. It's also better than the sequel.

The second reason to watch The Matrix is that it was shot in the Seattle area. Seattle was a central part of the production. Director Johnnie To was a big fan of Seattle and was happy to be in a part of the country where the local culture was close to his heart.

The third reason to watch The Matrix is because it's a very good film. The acting is very good and the story line is really simple. The action is fast paced and action packed. It's hard to say which movie is better, the first one or the second one.

The fourth reason to watch The Matrix is because it plays on your fantasies about the fantasy world. I mean, how many times have you been in a fantasy world and dreamed of something that you just couldn't have? You could spend a whole week in your fantasy world if you wanted.

The fifth reason to watch The Matrix is because of its influence on video games and the movie as a whole. Just think of the current movie being influenced by the video game, Fallout. Even the makers of The Matrix had heard of the video game. As a result, you see everything from The Matrix all the way up to the newest video game in the series.

These are all big reasons to watch The Matrix. But that's not all there is to this movie. The Matrix is not only a good movie; it's a great movie. I've seen a lot of movies and nothing has ever come close to matching the fun that I had watched The Matrix.

Hopefully you see what I'm getting at here. No matter what, you should watch The Matrix. It's a good movie.

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