The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

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The eye of the enemy is moving. 2003/12/1 201 min.


11 nominations and 11 awards. Only 'The Lord of the Rings: The Return of The King' can boast such a feat in the Oscars. He matched the number of recognitions of 'Ben-Hur' and 'Titanic', in addition to becoming the third winning movie of all the nominations he opted for. Peter Jackson, closed with this news a film project full of success, taking into account that, as we mentioned in eCartelera, the third installment of his saga is also the fourth highest grossing film in history, watch now the move to know what's all the fuss about.

I have not been able to read myself 'The Lord of the Rings'. I am not ashamed to declare it. 'The Hobbit' I have consumed it pleasantly, but Tolkien's thicket is not to my liking. Does this have something to do with my judgment towards the film trilogy? Not at all, but I think it is necessary to specify it so that you know that in this criticism there is not a single drawback as to its fidelity or not as adaptation. I will value it only as a movie, something that ultimately seems fair to me, whether I had read the original work or not.

Pure epic. That is 'The Return of The King'. The one who was director of films of very low budget of cinema gore, signed between 2001 and 2003 an ambitious saga, very ambitious. Breaking completely with his first works, we find a Jackson wanting epicity, orchestrated music, special pointers and great effects, great battles. Not that he is a megalomaniac Jackson, the story he wants to tell needs him. It is impossible to separate 'The Lord of the Rings' from that greatness, almost poetic. And much less 'The Return of The King', a third part that takes to the last of the extremes the hallmark of the previous twon watch it online to enjoy.

The adventure that leads Frodo, Elijah Wood, to the Mount of Destiny to destroy the ring is about to end. Two crusades are combined in this last chapter: that of the orcs to gain power in Middle-earth, involving the struggle of humans in Minas Tirith, and that of the two hobbits, who continue their journey towards Mordor with Gollum.

The plot of Minas Tirith brings exciting moments - mostly from Pippin and Gandalf - and huge battles, but there is nothing more epic than the lonely journey of two hobbits and a strange being that seems to be torn between good and evil. When the film focuses on Frodo and Sam, it gives us the best moments. It does not mean that the rest of the footage detracts too much, but it is not until Aragorn and company are heading to fight in Mordor that both plots take on the same power and strength.

Approach, knot and outcome. Although 'The Return of The King' is the third part of a trilogy that tells the same very long story, it also has the classic film development. And I would dare to say that his approach exceeds a bit. Practically an hour of preparation for a battlefield of which we were already preparing two films. Not that it is boring, Jackson knows how to control the entertainment so that this does not happen, but it can become something heavy. Even much of its knot seems to me repetitive, since the aforementioned battle of Minas Tirith leaves a sense of deja vu. There are not too many reasons for us to notice it much more definitively than the rest of those we have seen before, in fact there are quite a few similarities with them. And no, I don't have that complaint with the last of the deeds.

Although there are many incredible moments before the final act, it is during it that the film explodes. Impossible to find any fault, is the moment that had been waiting from the beginning. Although I am talking about the outcome. Of the first of them. Because the movie has four endings. As minimum.

It does not mean that this film is a kind of film summit. Not at all, although the mistakes I have been enumerating during the criticism are almost minor aspects - ironically, the case of the long epilogue is solved if you see the three films at once and the one between battles if you see 'The Return of The King' isolated from the rest - you could also highlight others that do lower the level. People saving themselves at the last moment, discursitos of war and that kind of topics. They should not be taken into account precisely because 'The Return of The King' is nourished by these things to reinforce his orchestrated epicity and to create an environment that moves away from boredom. That is, it is great, but it is what makes it different from another type of cinema that is probably above.

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