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Howl's Moving Castle (2004)

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The two lived there 2004/11/19 119 min.


A fantasy drama directed by David Lynch, Howl's Moving Castle is the first installment of a series of movies. The movie was filmed in the city of Wales and is set in the early 1900s. Although it may sound like a period piece, it does not follow any particular era, but instead is set in a time that seems to be just out of our current timeline. The movie has historical figures, places, and things that relate to the castle and the time period it is set in.

Like the book it was based on, Howl's Moving Castle takes place in an imaginary world that takes place after a massive cataclysm or some such has caused the Earth to change drastically, resulting in a land that is strange to say the least. It was made by a British writer named Neil Gaiman. After writing three books in the Lovesick series and then creating the Sandman comic book series, Gaiman started writing for television.

This is the fourth movie from this franchise. The first movie, Ghost Light, was never released in the United States but there are DVD copies available on the market today. Though the movie is also called Ghost Light, it is not really related to the first one, as this movie was a remake of Ghost Light which was a comedy about a ghost that went to live with humans.

There are several issues discussed in the film: In Howl's Moving Castle, humans still exist, though they have lost the ability to speak, fear, and so on. However, after the cataclysmic event, the land is populated by many other races than humans, such as Celts, Irish, Germans, French, Scots, and many others. With the dark magic that was used to create the realm, and a hidden society with priests, witches, wizards, and others, how does howls moving castle relate to other movies?

There are many aspects to consider when discussing movies based on books or television shows. Each movie should be taken on its own merits as well as subject matter, but also when looking at movies from a time line or period of history, as Howl's Moving Castle does.

After spending over a hundred years trying to find out who was behind the attacks on Howling House, Howl finds out that a group of people that wasn't from this land was behind the attack. This leads Howl to hunt down the people responsible and to find out why their intentions were to use the land to attack Howling House. This is when she is introduced to Roland Deschain, who is a master swordsman. He is also a king that was thought to be dead, as he left while Howl was out searching for the men responsible for the attack on the castle.

The film offers a wide variety of opinions from the characters that are in the story, but mostly from Roland. There are several characters, and this helps make the movie interesting to watch.

It is a mystery novel with plenty of mystery and intrigue. I would recommend watching the movie first if you don't know much about the book, and then checking out the book and deciding whether you want to buy the book or watch the movie instead.

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