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Hell Wants Him, Heaven Won't Take Him, Earth Needs Him. 2005/2/8 121 min.


Constantine is one of Roman history's great characters. Born probably sometime in the second or third decade of the fourth century CE, Constantine was a member of a military ruling class probably belonging to the military ruling class of the third and fourth centuries, which was usually found on the Eastern Mediterranean region of Italy. The typical male child of a military ruling class was most likely born in either the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy; this would be the time when most children were first introduced to Christianity as a new religion.

Constantine was probably born to a soldier in the second or third decade of his life, most likely on the Eastern Mediterranean region of Italy, where the most common military ruling class was most likely found. Constantine was the grandson of Flavius, a soldier of the Roman army, which was mainly based on the Eastern Mediterranean. The family of Constantine belonged to the wealthy ruling class of the Roman Empire; they were also prominent members of the Catholic Church at the time.

In the book, Constantine: God of History, the author tells us that Constantine was the only son of Helena the virgin, who was a member of the powerful military ruling class. Helena was a Roman citizen and a member of the wealthy upper class, which is most likely why the family of Constantine lived in a palace at the time of her birth. Helena's husband, Flavius, was a Roman citizen as well, which is likely why Constantine married him as well.

Constantine's grandfather, Flavius, was a high ranking official in the Roman government. This indicates that Constantine was brought up in a Roman military setting, where he probably received a good education. Constantine is said to have been able to read, write and speak Latin, which is a language used by both the Romans and Greeks in their daily interactions, and thus, is one of the languages spoken in ancient times.

As a high school student, Constantine was said to have joined the Roman army, which is one of the reasons that this writer relates him to a military ruling class. Constantine seems to have grown to respect the Roman soldiers more than the Christians; which means that he had a very religious upbringing.

Constantine's family background is very important because Constantine is the only character from this period who has a complete life story written about him. Constantine, unlike many other great characters in Roman history, was a fully developed character in his life, which means that we know what was going on in his mind at any given moment. Although we know that Constantine married into a Roman aristocratic family, we do not know much about the other members of Constantine's family.

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