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Ahhh... it's got that new movie smell. 2006/6/8 117 min.


Cars is a suitable and directed filming for every little one, even for adults who love and love speed, this movie has marked and been part of our life even when we were children, because one of the important messages I have given cars in the importance of leadership, love and honesty. That is why this filming has become one of the important ones and which has a great space in our hearts.

This film was recorded and carried out in the United States, is cataloged within the genre of adventure, comedy, fantasy and is intended for all children from the age of 6, however it can be seen by everyone at home, for example in the holidays. It is an animated movie.

Cars was launched on cinema screens in June 2006 in a variety of countries, places where its scenes were highlighted by the public for providing endless emotions to see how cars can have life and even a personality amazing. Equally one of the peculiarities that proves to be one of the best films throughout history is for its animated quality in each of the characters.

The company responsible for bringing to life a varied number of cars that speak with a unique personality when acting as humans is the important producer Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures responsible for launching this great project both are characterized by providing great projects.

It was directed by the American animator and film director John Lasseter, a founding member of the Pixar production company, among his projects are films such as: The young Shelock Holmes, The Little Brave Toaster, Beauty and the Beast, Porco Rosso, Toy Story, Bugs: a miniature adventure and Story 2.

However, among the actors and actresses who demonstrated their talent in the projection, we can highlight the film actor, screenwriter and humorist Wilson Owen of North American origin. He became known because he was nominated for the Oscar awards as best screenplay, for this opportunity he gave life to the red car called McQueen.

Also mentioned is the actress Bonnie Lynn Hunt, who was born in Chicago, is a famous television host of American origin, is approximately 30 years in the middle. Another of the great actors that gave life to one of the characters is the actor, producer and director Paul Newman, of American nationality, winner of the Oscar and Golden Globe Award.

The film tells the story of a huge race in the Piston Cup in which the always-winning Strip Weathers and their terrible opponent Chick Hicks and the fabulous and most famous McQueen stand out, who despite having a great experience, can be one of the biggest opponents for this race. After a meeting with Rust-eze his manager, who mentions that the next race will be in Los Angeles, California

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