Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)

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Jack is back! 2006/6/20 151 min.


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The movie takes place over seven seasons in the Walt Disney movie series and shows the adventures of a small group of men and women who fight against the Jack Sparrows, Captain Salazar, and the fearsome Pirate Captain Jack. While the main characters are very popular, there are also several supporting characters that help to bring out the larger plot line in the series. Let's take a look at a few of these great characters.

Jack Sparrow - A man born without a compass, Jack makes his fortune sailing with the Black Pearl. His adventures begin in the first season, as he finds a treasure that is a gateway to his ultimate destiny. He takes his crew on a quest of treasure, and once he finds it, he trades it for his life. While there is much hatred between Jack and Anne Bonny and Mary Turner, he has a very strong attraction to her, and may just be her destiny. The movie ends with his downfall.

Jim Rowley - Jim is another member of the Black Pearl and joins Jack in the first season. Rowley saves Jack by giving him a good beating in front of the dying Jack Sparrow. Despite this, Rowley is one of the more important members of the crew of the Black Pearl because he has some very bad ideas about how pirates are supposed to operate. His vision is very confusing and he is the source of many plots in the series.

Merrow - Another member of the Black Pearl, Merrow gets a bit more screen time in the second season. During the Black Pearl's first attack on a sea town, he is severely wounded by Captain Barbossa but escapes from the hospital before he dies. Merrow's storyline follows a different path than that of Jack or Rowley, and he spends the next couple of seasons wandering aimlessly. He eventually returns to the pirates with hopes of becoming the Black Pearl's new Captain.

James Belushi - Although he doesn't appear in the first season, James joins the Jack Sparrow group in the second season. He proves to be the most mischievous character in the movie, as he breaks into the Ghost Ship and kidnaps an entire family. Even though he is responsible for a tragic death, he has a lot of fun with his acting and dancing. Once rescued, he is forced to participate in the "drunken, evil, drunken riot" that is the third season of the film. This storyline shows James to be more than just a drunken weirdo.

Francis Turner - Not only does she die trying to stop the escape of Jack Sparrow's group, but she was actually the most important character to the series. She is the one that helped to bring the group together, and she is also the one that serve as the pirate captain's right hand man. While the Black Pearl is not exactly a reliable villain, it is still one of the greatest villains of all time. She is a pirate that did a lot of things to protect his crew. There is no doubt that she is a really great character.

These are just a few of the characters that appeared in the movies. Although none of them are really necessary to the overall plot of the series, they all make great characters in their own right.

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