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Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

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The old school cop is back! 2007/6/20 128 min.


The great thing about the new Live Free or Die Hard is that it is one of the greatest action movies ever made and it seems to be heading for a sequel and it is great news for all movie fans. This is a movie that you will never want to miss and it has been getting rave reviews from film critics all over the world.

The movie is based on the life of John McClane and it's also based on the book by the same name by the late Philip Kaufman. The film was directed by the wonderful, John McTiernan and the movie does look good as it's been released on DVD and Blu Ray.

The whole movie looks very much like a John McClane action movie but it is really one of the best movies ever made. A lot of hard work was put into the movie and the actors who play the part of McClane look as if they were really in the scene and they were really having a lot of fun during the shooting of the movie. The special effects in the movie were also amazing and they did look so realistic and the scenes where the action was happening were even in perfect sync with the movie and the actors on the screen and the main actors in the movie looked so natural during the action scenes.

There are many gun barrels that were used in the movie and those have been carefully placed on the lawn so that when the fans would come to watch the movie, they could look at the gun barrels and see the various kinds of guns that were used in the movie. The members of the cast looked very good in their costumes and the outfits that they wore during the shooting of the movie. The look of the movie was very realistic and it's not like anything that has been seen before and people who watch the movie seem to be wondering where did the actors get the kind of look that they had during the shooting of the movie.

During the movie, John McClane saved a lot of lives and there were many times when the guns were used that resulted in the death of the villains. Most of the criminals were killed by a bullet fired from high velocity guns that had a couple of thousand rounds of ammunition in them.

The role of the character of John McClane was played by Bruce Willis and he was a man who was tough and had a lot of guts and he was able to withstand all sorts of beating without showing any signs of fear. The real life movie star Tom Selleck was also a part of the movie and he looked great in his role as the tough cop.

The movie made a lot of money after its release and it has become a very successful series of movies that has set the standards for future movies and has inspired many other movie directors to make similar action movies. It has a very loyal following and a lot of people who watched this movie love to go back to watch the sequels and some of them are planning to watch the sequels in the future.

If you have not yet watched the movie then I would suggest that you check it out as soon as possible and get a chance to see what a Hollywood blockbuster it really is. The Live Free or Die Hard series will continue to be a huge hit and it will continue to fascinate movie lovers all over the world.

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