Barbie and the Diamond Castle
Barbie and the Diamond Castle (2008)

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2008/1/1 78 min.


This is a review of the fifth installment of the Barbie and the Diamond Castle movie. The Movie was directed by Drew Barrymore and written by Philip George. Its sequel, "Barbie: Princess Charm School" was released in 2020. This review will discuss the overall story line and the characters, their roles in the story and their roles as well as the overall storyline of the film.

The story begins with an elementary school-type murder mystery, which is a type of a theme we see on television shows and movies every day. This is the opening scene of the film, where Sarah (Barbie) and her friend, Elizabeth (The Cat from Oz), are assigned to investigate the murder of the school's principal. Although, they only find a copy of a newspaper article, Sarah finds out that it contains a photo of the killer, who is someone called "Barbie". She decides to call the police and was followed by "Barbie" all the way from a tree house.

This film has a few disturbing scenes. I do not know how long they kept this film going because it was not very well-researched or realistic. For example, in one scene, the other students thought that Sarah was the murderer; until Elizabeth pointed out that she was in fact her friend, and Sarah was the one who found the murderer. The conclusion for the whole film is very vague and could be taken at face value, depending on the audience's perspective of the characters.

This film picks up shortly after the events of the previous film and introduces the characters' new roles as well as new places they are going to; namely, Barbie and the Princess Charm School. As I mentioned, they seem to try and portray a lot of thematic similarities to popular movies today. For example, there is an Evil Stepmother (Eliza). But, all of the characters have their own characteristics and some of the characters in this film just seem like cardboard cutouts.

The second film also introduces the characters of Rhea, Maria, Vanessa, Clara, Leonie, the ghost, Cher, the Leopard (Sarah's pet), Violet, Rose (who is played by Katrina Kaif), Melanie (A short redhead) and Scarlett (played by Jena Malone). Many of these characters have been introduced in previous films of the main franchise. As a matter of fact, "Barbie and the Diamond Castle" also introduce Sarah's boyfriend, Jason (played by Jason Bateman), who is the son of the original "Barbie" character. He is a struggling actor and goes to the school for acting.

As for the plot, the story of the movie in my opinion is somewhat similar to the first installment of the series in the earlier series, "Barbie and the Diamond Castle" (which was also starring Drew Barrymore), but it does not have any actual similarities to that series. Although, there are similarities between the two.

The overall plot of the film of the third installment of the franchise, "Barbie and the Princess Charm School", is told in many chapters; one of the chapters is a bonus DVD with additional scenes. They are referred to as "Brief Chapters" and these chapters reveal certain elements of the main storyline that was not explored on-screen. The movie did not catch me by surprise, however. It kept a mystery with the first three films that I still love to this day.

The CGI animation has definitely improved on its graphics and colors, which has been greatly enhanced by the new 3D technology. Some of the special effects are pretty impressive as well. Overall, "Barbie and the Diamond Castle" look like it was made with more care and attention to detail than its predecessor.

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