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Warner Bros presents the second installment of the trilogy of writer, producer and director Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight.

This dark version of Batman arrived on the big screen on July 18, 2008, and has the participation of the wales actor Christian Bale in his double role-playing the man under the mask and the millionaire Bruce Wayne; this was accompanied by Australian actor Heath Ledger playing the most had villain in the DC world, the Joker; Briton Michael Caine will remain young Wayne's faithful companion, Alfred Pennyworth; Gary Oldman repeats in his role of Lieutenant James Gordon; American actor Aaron Eckhart debuts in the saga as prosecutor Harvey Dent; Maggie Gyllenhaal will be Bruce's secret love, Rachel Dawes; and veteran and renowned actor Morgan Freeman continues as Lucius Fox.

Bruce Wayne must face the toughest battle so far; not only Batman will be attacked by the ruthless villain; endless situations will put them against the sword and the wall, the masked man will make very hard, but necessary decisions.

The Joker is a tormented and mentally unbalanced being, a ruthless and compassionate criminal who will not hesitate for a moment to commit any atrocity to fulfill his objectives; he wants to take over Gothic City, be the master and lord of crime. Start by striking a heavy blow to the Chinese mafia by robbing one of its façade banks that they use to keep dirty money.

Organized crime in the city is increasing and gaining ground daily; the security forces are engaged and the honest officers that remain are few to fight crime; so the masked man meets with his partner Lieutenant Gordon to achieve a solution; both conclude that the population needs a leader, a visible hero who cannot be Batman, must be someone with the necessary weight to be able to activate the judiciary and security agencies.

That person is the new district attorney Harvey Dent, they are convinced that he is an honest, incorruptible person and they share their ideas; Bruce invites him to a meeting on his property, but to his surprise the new district attorney is the current partner of his secret love Rachel Dawes; Wayne maintains his position and offers Dent a donation and fundraising system to improve the current police system.

While Lucius Fox as the head of companies Wayne is conducting a million-dollar negotiation with a Chinese transnational, but the voracious and rapid success of Lau's company makes Bruce suspect that something is wrong and his numbers are not clear or less transparent; he asks Fox to stop the negotiations while the masked man manages to discover what happens.

The strategy of Batman and Gordon is working; this causes that a secret meeting of the leaders of the mafia is realized to look for a fast solution and to end the trio Dent, Gordon, and Batman. The brilliant Asian accountant Lau also joins the video meeting to the meeting and informs them that one of James Gordon and Harvey Dent's plans is to confiscate all the money washed from their façade banks, but fortunately, he managed to get ahead and protect him.

Suddenly a picturesque and unhinged character interrupts the meeting, the Joker introduces himself; laughing he tells them that Batman knows no borders, so it will be useless for him to flee to China because, in the same way, the masked anger will go after him; thus he offers to kill the Murcielago man and finish with Dent and Gordon, all in exchange for half the money of the mafias; the bosses do not believe what they hear and they flatly refuse and put a price on their head, the Joker gives them a little lesson and warns them that he will return.

The battle begins; this unbalanced character will not stop until he ends up with Batman, on his way he will drag the least expected and turn him into the villain known as two faces.

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