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Your mind is the scene of the crime. 2010/7/15 148 min.


The writer, director, and producer Christopher Nolan presents this extraordinary cinematographic work entitled Inception; which tells a fascinating story of a person capable of manipulating the subconscious of their victims while they sleep and subtract all kinds of information.

This intrepid action is possible thanks to an artifact called a dream machine, which supplies a powerful sleeping pill to the victims which allow them to enter a deep transit and thus be able to play with their mind.

 The intention of the perpetrators is to create the perfect scenario so that their objective feels that they are in the real world, in their daily lives and can reveal the information they seek to subtract, but for this it is necessary to have the right people, and that will be the task of our protagonist Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio).

Cobb is a criminal wanted by the justice of the United States, is accused of the death of Mal Cobb, his wife, which is why he is a fugitive traveling the world, and away from the only family he has left, his two children.

Dom Cobb is hired by the systems company Engineering COBOL, who asks him to deliver the globalization project that manages the multinational Proclus Global and only knows its president and owner the Japanese Saito.

Cobb accepts the work and enters the mind of the Asian, but something goes wrong and he realizes that he is being a victim of fraud; upon awakening Dom Cobb and his group had fled the place, but the security of the powerful businessman manages to capture a team member, Nash, who has no choice but to betray Dom.

Nash sets a trap for Dom and takes him in front of Mr. Saito, who does not retaliate against him but proposes a deal, one that he will hardly refuse; you must insert an idea and modify a person's thinking; and in return your criminal record will disappear and you can return to your home in North America and reunite with your children.

This is a young man named Robert Fischer, who is about to inherit the multinational from his father, who suffers from a terminal illness; the intention of the Japanese businessman is to convince the young man to sell the family business to avoid exponential growth, which would result in loss of money and land for Proclus Global.

Dom warns that a task almost impossible to perform, and that it has a very high probability of failing; however, he accepts the job since it is the only option to return home; but he explains that he must organize a new team and needs some time.

The first to enlist in Dom's team is an expert counterfeiter capable of modifying his appearance in the world of dreams, his name Eames; the second to join will be the renowned Israeli chemist Yusuf, he will be in charge of creating the right sedative to achieve admission and stabilize sleep; The architect will be Adriadne, she will be responsible for designing the physical space where the dream will develop, and only she will know the escape routes of the town, at its various levels.

The world of dreams is a confusing place for those who do not know it, the rules of physics do not work as in the real world, and if you do not handle the right techniques you can lose your sanity and get caught in it, just as it happened Mal, Dom's wife; ideally, carry a Totem, an object that only they recognize and know, both its weight and its size, in case at any time they feel confused and do not recognize if it is real or a dream you can put it in motion and see if it they comply or not with the laws of physics, so they will know where they are.

With the entire team, Dom must begin as soon as possible the mission for which he was hired, so begins the adventure of these dream thieves.

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