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Nothing spreads like fear 2011/9/8 106 min.


One of the most amazing, famous and most loved movies ever made is the third installment of the Contagion franchise. This movie got a huge response from the audience and it's no wonder why people are still talking about it all these years later. We have all experienced this phenomenon called "Miracle" and it's easy to imagine how great the reactions of the audience were to this movie.

John Jameson (Brad Pitt) is in one of the worst states of his life; his girlfriend of the last 3 years has suddenly dumped him, and he's afraid that if he ever makes it to a major city that he would be homeless. All of this, though, is put aside when the first person who comes into contact with his teenage daughter Rachel (Mila Kunis) has her mysteriously show up dead.

Jameson takes Rachel's phone and during the course of his investigation a virus called Contagion is released from his infected laptop. He and Rachel are taken to the location of the virus that started the outbreak, and while Jameson is being questioned by the lead scientist all hell breaks loose.

One of the main aspects of Contagion is the unexpected presence of two assassins known as The Company and The Driver who kill Jameson, and Rachel while they are trying to protect themselves. While they were looking for the main source of the Contagion, one of them managed to get infected.

To make matters worse, it appears that the virus was sent to a major city for a reason and the company responsible for the virus, are after all going to kill Rachel. Though Jameson quickly leaves the area to escape the Corporation's watchful eyes, Rachel is already being hunted. As Jameson and Rachel come to a crossroad, they both realize that the only way to stop the Company from killing her is to kill them.

The movie is very well written with a lot of twists and turns and one does not realize where the story is going until it happens. The pace of the movie is extremely fast paced as the characters fight to get out of the city, which they did just before the end of the movie.

One thing that I enjoyed about the movie was the fact that it was so realistic; one could almost picture the scenes as they actually happened. The settings were vivid, and I couldn't help but think that in reality there are men and women who were training to perform these jobs, like the Driver and The Company. It is a bit of a shock that we can all relate to these characters as they are extreme, but then again, we do live in such an unforgiving world.

The ending of the movie is very telling. At the end, Jameson is not the man he was at the beginning of the movie, after he discovers that he is a Contagion. What I liked the most about the ending was that while he is the main character in the movie, he is the last survivor, so I always felt the movie was very self-aware.

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