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2014/10/24 102 min.


In the new animated blockbuster film "Big Hero 6," a robotic blue hedgehog named Baymax (Japanese robot) is introduced as a sidekick to Hiro (Rhys Ifans), an average boy who lives in a small town in Japan. Next to Tadashi (Samuel Jackson), Hiro's best friend, Baymax is his only friend.

Hiro is an average child who live in a small apartment with his parents and siblings, but his closest friend is Baymax. When a sudden turn of events sends him into the center of a plot by a villainous organization, Hiro transforms his other robot friends, GoGo Tamago, Wasabi and Honey Lemon (genesis Ronnie r} and Freddy (T. j. Meyers), into a group of high-tech heroes called The Big Hero 6. They use their abilities to fight evil and save the world.

Although the story of Big Hero 6 is based on actual events that happened years ago in Japan, it is still based on Japanese culture and values and the movie has been dubbed as such by the makers of the film. Hiro, along with his team of robots, is modeled after some of the best examples of the Japanese culture.

The Big Hero 6 is a big hit among children, especially boys. Its success is not because of its story alone, though. It also has a lot of good messages that kids can benefit from, especially when it comes to having fun and growing up. The message of "big" is really reflected in the design of the characters of Big Hero. The main character of Hiro is a robot, which has to be big enough to carry other robots and be able to carry a person, while Baymax is the robot that carries Hiro and his friends.

In order to keep Baymax's personality, the creators of the film added an extra body for him so he could be human-like. Baymax is not really human; he's just a big robot that has a lot of energy to move around in the air. He moves like a flying machine and is very strong and can lift up two or three other robots at once.

The design of Baymax is very close to a human being, so the kids who see this movie will be able to have fun with him as well as being able to connect to him in a similar way with the idea of being bigger and more powerful than he is. The Big Hero 6 movie is truly a great source of inspiration for kids, as it tells them that they are more important than what they can do at the moment, but what's important is that they are able to have fun and be part of something bigger than they are. It also gives them a sense of accomplishment when they achieve a goal or accomplish a task.

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