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The world ends, Godzilla begins. 2014/5/14 123 min.


Godzilla is a fictional giant or kanji, originally derived from a series of Japanese movies. The character actually first appeared in the 1954 movie Godzilla and quickly became a world-wide icon, appearing in comics, TV shows, and video games. To this day, Godzilla remains a favorite of viewers around the world.

Godzilla is a huge, insect-like monster who is a fierce competitor in the city-state of Tokyo. He resides in a purple, sulfur-red sea called Godzilla Island. A giant blue whale, Momotaro (known as Godzilla in the Japanese version) resides at the north end of Godzilla Island. In the beginning, it appears that Godzilla might be the strongest creature on Earth, but he needs help to defeat King Kong and the other giant monsters that threaten his territory.

In the Japanese version of the movie, Godzilla plays a game with a giant insect, Mothra, which resembles a dragonfly. The insect bites Godzilla, causing him to roar in pain, much to the dismay of the humans living nearby. The next scene shows Godzilla leading a small army of creatures towards the city of Tokyo. He meets Rodan, who also happens to know about Godzilla's birth. The two fight, with Godzilla being the victor.

Godzilla is not a very bright man and can only communicate by using his tail. He can move and flap his wings and does so by flapping his tail. It is this action that created the character of Godzilla. Godzilla may have other uses such as ripping down trees and sending a shockwave, but his tail is what really determines how he fights. Godzilla stomps his foot down on something and it crumbles, creating a sort of rock.

In the Japanese version, Godzilla eats Rodan and later destroys the city of Tokyo. Godzilla later tries to destroy Rodan, but is defeated again. Godzilla tries to escape from the city, but he meets Jigoro, who wishes to save Godzilla. Godzilla says he will take him to the "Godzilla Corp.". Jigoro tells Godzilla to look after Rodan for him, and that he will be fine. Godzilla does so and later flies off.

In the English dub, Godzilla says that his tail is too short, and that he is ashamed to say that he dropped it (in the dub, he says it is silver). In the Spanish dub, Godzilla says that his tail is silver, and that he has no use for it. Godzilla may be small, but he can definitely pack some punch!

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