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Don't set him off. 2014/10/22 101 min.


From the hand of the American director Chad Stahelski, and under the production of the quartet formed by the beautiful Eva Longoria and her parterns Basil Iwanyk, David Lench and Michael Witherill, the story of the most dangerous hitman of today comes to the big screen.

John Wick: Another day to kill was released on October 24th 2014 under the distribution of Summit Entertainment; collecting more than eighty-five million dollars at the box office level; The film received an incredible reception from the general public and received generally positive reviews, the good performances of its protagonists and the good work of history made this film a success.

John is a man marked by his past actions; he tried to rebuild his life but fate played tricks on the death of his beloved wife, which kept him away from the terrible life he led; a parcel arrives at the door of his house that his late companion ordered before leaving; a puppy, a symbol of friendship and company to always remember.

A day like any other, John leaves in his Ford Mustang of nineteen sixty-nine, a classic, a car in impeccable conditions, his puppy was on board, they stop at a service station to refuel and a black car arrives luxury sedan, three subjects travel in it, one of them approaches and begins to comment on the car, finally asks John how much he wants for him, but he replies that it is not for sale; the subject gets upset and threatens him by telling him that all morons have a price.

John does not fall into his provocation and continues on his way, he goes to an old airstrip where he unloads all his anger driving at full speed and practicing some maneuvers; when they get home they get ready to rest, and in the middle of the night they realize that the puppy is very restless; when he sees what happens, he is surprised with a blow to the neck which leaves him lying on the floor, and then receives a beating that leaves him motionless.

The assailants are the same subjects of the service station, who seek to strip John of his car, and teach him a lesson without having any idea who they are getting into; and as if it was not enough to steal his car, they also kill his puppy, the only living memory he has left of his beloved wife.

The thieves turned out to be members of the Russian mafia, their leader, Josef Tarazov, son of the mob boss Viggo Tarazov; who takes the stolen car to a recognized car workshop that works for the mafias, its owner Carmelo, recognizes the Mustang immediately and asks him to take it, but the silly boy challenges him and only wins a blow to the face.

Later Viggo Tarazov communicates with the mechanic to ask for an explanation of what happened; Carmelo informs him that his stupid son stole John Wick's car and killed his dog; enraged, he sends for his son, whom he beats and warns him that he does not have and the slightest idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe folly he committed while messing with Wick.

Viggo communicates with John, and asks him to fix things sensibly and calmly, without violence, but it is too late for that, Josef is sentenced to death and with all those who stand in the way; Everything that kept him away from weapons has disappeared and he did not rest until he took revenge.

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