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Don't believe the fairy tale. 2014/5/28 97 min.


Let's blame Tim Burton and his lysergic version of Alice in Wonderland (2010). If Disney's live-action adaptation had not been so successful, maybe, just maybe, today we would not be flooded with remakes of fairy tales, with that darker and more adult tone.

Let's think about what came next: Red Riding Hood (2011), Mirror Mirror (2012), Snow White and the Huntsman (2012), Oz the Great and Powerful (2013), and let's not forget the small projects that also tried their luck with drama series like Grimm and Once Upon a Time.

Not only do superheroes invade the screen, fantastic stories based on children's classics, too. Disney knows they work and insists again and again. This is how Maleficent (2014), the story of one of the best villains of its animated repertoire came to be.

The mouse company decided, for a while, to put aside the princes and princesses, the heroes and heroines, and concentrate on the "side B" of the stories that impressed us so much as boys, because let's admit it, there's nothing else bloody than a fairy tale with moral, and that's more than clear nowadays with the successful franchise of Descendants.

Robert Stromberg makes his debut behind the scenes to tell us the story of Maleficent (you have to be stupid to put such a name to your daughter), a fairy who lives happily in her world, until she meets a human, she falls in love, this breaks her heart and her mine becomes a mad, spiteful and vindictive one.

Basically, the story goes through there. The villains are not born, they are made by force of bad experiences that mark them for a lifetime, but there is always room for redemption.

There are supposedly two worlds: that of the greedy and envious humans with their castles, kings, and knights, and the fairy world, an idyllic place, where the most fantastic creatures coexist, including Maleficent, the most powerful fairy, that grows to become its fierce protective. But betrayal will transform this sweet creature into a dark being, who begins to travel through life with the only purpose of revenge on the one who deceived her and filled her heart with little holes.

The guy in question is the now King Stefan (Sharlto Copley), a peasant whose aspirations mattered much more than the friendship he had with the winged creature since childhood, and now he lives in fear that he will be retaliated, because according to Disney's teachings, there is nothing more dangerous than a pitted mine.

Maleficent is going to attack where it hurts most, the newborn Princess Aurora, whom she will curse until the end of time or until she receives a kiss of true love, that she lacked all her life.

Forget the animated version, because, as we were announced at the beginning, this is another story, one that we never met. And it is true, they tell us something else, the other side of the coin so that we can understand that this ‚Äúevil witch‚ÄĚ who ended up becoming a tremendous dragon, is actually a misunderstood and resentful creature that only wants a little bit of love.

Angelina Jolie is the only and exclusive protagonist of this fable filled with special effects that can only surprise a child. Everything revolves around her character, while others end up being an accessory to carry on her story. Angie is the bench, with horns and sharp cheekbones included, but only enough to entertain a public that often fascinates with these aseptic stories between good and bad. And here, precisely, we must find out who some are and who the others are.

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