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A Delicious Flight (2015)

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The in-flight service for Hong Kong starts now! An erotic story that took place in the spacious blue sky! 2015/11/1 97 min.


Are you thinking about the conclusion of The A Delicious Flight Of The Fiend, starring Halle Berry? If you haven't already watched it yet, then why not consider watching it again in order to see what you've missed in the first place?

This movie is known for its close-ups, which are both shocking and unexpected. To add to the suspense, a lot of the time takes place from one scene to another, with the audience wondering how the next scene will unfold. Another aspect of this movie that makes it perfect for binge-watching is the main character. During the first part of the movie, he isn't in the spotlight much, so watching the scene again in chronological order allows us to get to know him better.

Throughout the movie, we see him at various times when he's faced with serious situations that force him to rely on his capabilities to keep his sanity. A Delicious Flight Of The Fiend also stars Al Pacino as well as Jennifer Aniston, Paula Patton, and Mel Gibson. There are other actors from different movies in the movie, but they don't have enough screen time to really make any impact.

Although the movie had some good points to it, I would personally be more than happy if it was a lot shorter. The movie would have been a lot more enjoyable if it was only around thirty minutes long, and not the ninety-five-minute version we got.

The movie might be disappointing to those who are fans of Halle Berry. However, I have to say that her character is not that interesting to watch. Her boyfriend Frank (Tom Sizemore) also has an annoying habit of breaking the fourth wall.

This movie is actually part of the serie of serie films that includes... The Seven Deadly Sins, which is based on the same novel as this one. In this movie, we are introduced to a new character who is named Franz (Luciano Lupolini). He is a German in a wheelchair, and he is treated very poorly by everyone, and is basically taken as a slave in his own home.

It was quite apparent that the people were not trying to actually communicate with him, although they're trying to convince themselves of that. He is obviously misunderstood, since his disability would indicate that he's mentally challenged, and as a consequence, he cannot think clearly. He doesn't understand people and in the end he is forced to eat all of the food in his house, without even knowing why he has to do so.

So, as you can see, The A Delicious Flight Of The Fiend is not a perfect theater piece. Although it is a quite good movie, I wouldn't recommend watching it as a mainstream Hollywood film like Titanic or whatever. However, if you're planning to watch something different and have no time to spare to find a couch, you can always watch a movie at home on your laptop.

Original title 맛있는 비행
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