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Terminator Genisys, which is written by Alan Taylor, is directed byONYXON, who has directed a number of other movies. As the film opens up, Sarah Connor, played by Amanda Plummer, is called by her older sister, played by Hope Davis, for a mission. She goes to an old warehouse, known as the "Tunguska facility," and finds a number of cyborgs, all of whom will help her defeat the T-1000 (Terminator Genisys), a computer programmed with artificial intelligence. Sarah manages to defeat him, and saves the human race.

The humans of the human race live happily ever after. One day, while watching a news report, Sarah discovers that the T-800 cyborgs she killed are still alive and have been transformed by the presence of humans. They go on a killing spree, and Sarah is called in to fight them and protect the humans.

The plot of the film takes place over a century before the present day, which is what makes it so special. Sarah is also a bit older than the rest of her fellow humans, so the film focuses on her as well. We find that she was also called back into action because she killed her first human before the events in the first film, but unfortunately was sent back to a time when the T-1000 was still operational. This leads to some interesting subplots, since Sarah finds herself fighting the machine again and being tested. This turns out to be something of a turning point in her life, since she realizes that the T-1000 is not the only one capable of killing. Her mentor informs her that the humans have been corrupted and have allowed their machine overlords to rule over them, allowing themselves to be controlled.

The reason that Sarah is sent back to the past, to protect her younger sister, is because of a military robots, known as the T-100s, who have been given orders to destroy the humans and stop the T-1000's plan to kill the machine overlords. The T-1000, in turn, sends Terminator Genisys to protect Sarah, and to stop the T-100s from destroying the humans.

The story is quite gripping, and the storyline is quite original, and fun, especially if you like action films. Although the plot is pretty unique, it is not a very complex one, so if you are looking for a really good film, you should pass on this one.

The film did get excellent reviews, but there were also some negative ones, although mostly it seems that they are coming from those who dislike the new female roles that Hollywood has created. Other critics said that they did not like the way the story was told. They felt that the story lacked substance, while some saw the movie as a generic, boring action film. Overall, it seems that the critics agree that there is a good amount of humor in Terminator Genisys, but it may not suit those that want a fast-paced action film.

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