Captain America: Civil War
Captain America: Civil War (2016)

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Divided We Fall 2016/4/27 147 min.


Again Marvel Studio presents another super production within its MCU, this time with an approach that not many expect; under the direction of Anthony & Joe Russo and the production of the all-powerful Kevin Feige, comes to the big screen Captain America Civil War.

In this new installment of the saga of one of the public's favorite heroes, we will see how the Avengers initiative crumbles in the face of the need of the governments of the world to take control over everything they do not understand and how the convictions of our heroes end facing them face to face.

It all begins with a mission in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, where a group of highly dangerous terrorists who call themselves Crossbones tries to steal a terrible biological weapon that is developed in the laboratories of the company IDEI.

Sam Wilson (Falcon), Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff and Captain Steve Rogers, are responsible for dealing with the terrorist group and preventing theft; but these manage to remove the weapon from the facilities and begin the escape.

Captain Roger manages to intercept the leader of the terrorists, who has a sophisticated defense mechanism that gives him enormous strength when attacking, however Steve manages to defeat him and this activates a self-destruct protocol that he wears in his suit that would end With his life and that of the captain, but thanks to a timely intervention by Wanda, who manages to contain the explosion, I have tried to keep it away from the people present, but it is not successful since it explodes in the vicinity of a building causing dozens of fatalities.

Upon returning to America, at Avengers headquarters, Steve comforts Wanda by freeing her from guilt, telling her that it was her mistake and that they are things that unfortunately occur in the middle of combat operations; at that time they are interrupted by Vision, who warns them that Tony Stark has just arrived in the company of the Secretary of State.

He informs him that the United Nations Organization is drafting the multinational agreements of Sokovia; which would take effect immediately and is about controlling the actions of the group of heroes called Avengers. Mostly its members disagree, but after watching a video showing the ravages caused in New York, Sokovia and now Lagos, they reflect and some characters are willing to sign and sign the agreement.

On the one hand is Tony Stark, who supports the initiative of the world's governments and considers the agreement to be a good solution; on the other bank is Captain Rogers, who does not trust any government, and reminds them of the experience with HYDRA, an organization that had infiltrated at all levels of government and in all institutions.

After a few days, Steve is notified of the death of his beloved Peggy Carter, his funeral is in London, England, he is accompanied by his friends Sam Wilson and Natasha Romanoff; after the duel, the latter informs Steve that Rhody, Tony, and Vision signed the agreement and that Wanda was still unsure but probably will; as for Clint Barton, he decided to separate from the group.

Captain Rogers does not change his mind and decides not to attend the UN summit in Vienna, Austria. During the summit, one hundred and seventeen countries will sign the Sokovia agreement and that makes all those Avengers who disagree with fugitives from the law.

During the meeting a terrorist attack is carried out, an explosion caused by a bomb that takes the life of the sovereign ruler of Wakanda King T’Chaka; the culprit is allegedly the winter soldier and Steve's best friend.

The Avengers initiative is dissolved, Rogers and his group are now fugitives, and Tony, Vision, Rhody, Natasha and a couple of new characters must capture them.

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