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Doctor Strange (2016)

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Open your mind. Change your reality. 2016/10/25 115 min.


Marvel Studios brings Dr. Strange to the big screen; this famous character who had a resounding success in the comics joins the MCU, the film is directed by Scott Derrickson and produced by the great Kevin Feige; the film was released on October 13, 2016

It features performances by great personalities such as British Benedict Cumberbatch, beautiful Canadian actress Rachel McAdams, Oscar nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor, Asian Benedict Wong, Tilda Swinton, Mads Mikkelsen, among others.

Dr. Stephen Strange is a successful neurosurgeon who rejoices in his success and his great talent, he is a superior mind, a true genius of medicine, but his ambition is greater than his humility, which makes him arrogant and despotic even with the woman he loves, Dr. Christine Palmer.

Meanwhile, in Nepal, specifically in Kathmandu, the powerful sorcerer Kaelicius and his followers, break into the secret temple of Kamar-Taj and vilely kill the guardian of the sacred library to steal the writings of a powerful spell that would open the doors of this dimension to the powerful Dormammu master and lord of the dark dimension.

Back in New York, Dr. Stephen is invited to the usual annual science reception, where he will be given recognition again to the neurosurgeon of the year; but what he doesn't know is that his day will change completely after suffering a resounding car accident.

Upon awakening from the coma, he realizes that his talented hands were completely shattered, the nerves and tendons do not work well and he is not able to lift a glass of water, much less perform an operation; Frustrated by what happened, he tries all kinds of operations and the application of experimental science, spends all his money to the point of selling all his valuables.

Christine tries to help and cheer him up, but his bitterness and frustration only hurt people who approach him. A physiotherapist tells him the story of Jonathan Pangborn, a subject who became paraplegic and who, after going to Kathmandu, walked back; Stephen is incredulous, however he looks for Pangborn's medical file and notices the serious injuries he suffered; in the same way he decides to confront him, and to his surprise he succeeds in playing basketball, Strange cannot believe what he sees and asks him about his healing; Jonathan is said to go to Nepal and look for the Kamar-Taj temple, there he will find the solution to his problems.

Full of hope, he travels to Nepal, to the city of Kathmandu, where he is attacked by assailants who want to strip him of his last object of value, a clock that Christine gave himself; but Stephen is rescued by the sorcerer Karl Mordo; who presents it to Ancient One; The first sorceress and guard of all mystical secrets, Stephen shows her hands and raises her problem, she debates him with astral arguments, but the arrogance of the doctor is very great and he mocks what he hears, causing Ancient One to show an iota of his power taking him on a journey through various astral planes and dimensions.

The Grand Master made the temple but Stephen surprised by what he saw and lived stays at the door begging for training, she knows that she must do it, is in her future, so she opens the doors again and lets him pass.

Dr. Strange begins his journey through the astral world, Karl Mordo and Ancient One take him to the library, where he knows who his good friend Wong will be; He begins studying a series of books as he was ordered, but he is becoming more and more exciting and he turns me up in reading, devours every book he takes from the library and expands his knowledge.

It is time to start the physical training and put into practice the theory learned, Karl Mordo will accompany you in that process, Ancient One will force you to discover its full potential.

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