Train to Busan
Train to Busan (2016)

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Life-or-death survival begins. 2016/7/20 118 min.


Train to Busan is a thrilling film that shows the tragic consequences of a world in crisis. An international man (Bobby Choi), his daughter and several passengers become stranded on a train during a zombie attack in South Korea.

The movie centers on the Busan airport, which has been closed down due to the zombie outbreak. This situation leads to the Busan City government to close down the airport to the public in order to prevent a mass infection of zombies. The city officials are also aware of the fact that the infected can be taken to the infected places across the country to multiply their numbers.

The story follows how the infected start to attack people and kill them, and how they make their way to Busan, where they will try to find a cure for the zombie virus. The infected have no fear of the police and the only thing they care about is finding out how to stop the zombies.

The protagonist, Bobby Choi, is a Korean soldier who was recently dispatched to South Korea to serve as a spy. He comes back to help his family as soon as the outbreak occurs.

As the story unfolds, Bobby realizes the importance of the story he is reading about. He decides to enlist the help of his daughter, who is also an accomplished writer. Together, they go looking for clues to the story and help find a cure for the zombie virus.

The movie is full of action and suspense and is a must-see movie for anyone who likes to see some thrilling action. It's a great movie for those people who like thrillers. I believe it's going to be one of the most popular films of 2020!

The cast of this film includes some of your favorite actors such as Choi Sung-ho, Song Kang-ho, Kim Min-jung, Choi Hee-keun and Lee Hye-ja. The movie is also directed by Lee Byung-jae. This movie is set to be released in theaters in South Korea in May, so check out the website below for the screening date.

This movie isn't actually one of the horror films of recent years, but it's just as scary. A lot of people will think that it's one because of the storyline, but the film is really suspenseful and the zombie virus doesn't seem all that threatening. It's just like walking through a movie theater and feeling very real.

So if you've been looking for a good horror movie to watch in theaters and aren't sure what to pick, this might be a good pick. Check it out.

Original title Ž∂ÄžāįŪĖČ
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