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Welcome to the urban jungle. 2016/2/11 109 min.


The very first online movie to earn critical acclaim has been The Lion King. However, Zootopia may be the next contender in the race for online movie that will enjoy a long lasting fan base. This review will examine the film's place in the film franchise and how it compares to Disney's other animated movies.

The Lion King was a wonderful animated film that really had a lot of heart. However, its story line is quite inconsistent and does not have any high points like the others. Zootopia on the other hand, has its share of unique features that make it stand out from other Disney animation.

Zootopia's plot is set in a fictional city called Zootopia. The setting is a mixture of modern-day and our wild days in the past. Many of the same themes of survival, predator and prey, human interaction, and the natural order still hold true in this story.

The movie's cast of animals (animals that are usually used in cartoons by Pixar and Walt Disney Studios) act as the main characters in the story. A common trait among them is the simple pleasures of friendship and love. These elements add to the movie's charm and help it blend into the animal kingdom's positive energy.

Zootopia's plot is actually quite complex. There are two main plots: one relating to the predators and the other being the prey. As the movie progresses, these plots begin to intersect and form a very complicated story.

The animation and overall presentation are great, but the storyline needs a little work. You can tell that the writers put a lot of effort into making this movie truly captivating, because the story is full of amazing details.

Zootopia has earned a high rating from critics. The movie is ranked among the top 10 movies of 2020, and according to critics, it ranks higher than the previous film in the series.

Zootopia is definitely the next franchise that will entertain the entire family. It combines aspects of childhood to the adult world and maintains its place among the all time favorite animated movies. In short, this movie is destined to become a classic in the most famous movie franchises in the world.

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