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The celebration of a lifetime 2017/10/27 105 min.


One of the greatest comedies ever made, Coco is widely acclaimed as one of the classics of American cinema. One of John Kennedy s memorable quotes, "One of the nicest actors in the world walks amongst us tonight." Since its release over 50 years ago, Coco has been the film which every American moviegoer hopes will be their best ever. Here we look at why it is as great as it always claimed to be...

COX SOUR: A charming trickster, Coco is presented by Woody Allen as a kind of antihero. A loner who is neither a victim of circumstance nor the hero in any way, Coco's story offers a refreshing view of life that manages to make you laugh and smile whilst keeping you interested. As Coco and her friend, Bumble-Bumble (ively awful), go from location to location chasing after men they believe are mad, they manage to make the men pay for their misdemeanors, thus gaining the friends' respect and affection. What makes Coco a classic is that she manages to overcome the prejudice and discrimination that comes with being a girl and manages to lead her own extraordinary journey throughout the movie.

COPAN: Another great movie from Woody Allen that is also worth watching online movie sites. This time, instead of traveling through Mexico, we travel through Coco's imaginary land of Spain. Although not hugely successful in terms of reviews, this movie remains a cult comedy classic and is well worth a watch. A Spanish version of Coco was made, but without the original cast and the brilliant track record of Allen. Luckily, though, you can now watch online Coco with almost any language available.

COCCO POP: An adaptation of Mario Puzo's novel The Godfather, which was made into a feature film starring Marlon Brando. The film concerns an aging ancient Italian aristocrat who bequeaths his daughter, Coco (Dieter Johnson), with the management of his estate, promising her access to all the riches in the fortune. However, Coco's granddaughter ( nun) arrives in town, demanding Coco's fortune in return for helping her grandmother, and a battle of wits ensues. A brilliant and charming combo of love, jealousy and greed, this movie is a must-see on YouTube.

WIN DIETER'S BEST BEHAVIOR: This movie is a wonderful romantic comedy about a sad-looking British gentleman who lives alone in a small apartment. David Beckham plays the role of a modern man entirely oblivious to the beauty around him, whilst Cookie Lithgow plays the role of a charming trickster whose existence is nearly unnoticed by those around him. This movie is very different from the others we have reviewed, but if you like the style of David Beckham then this one is for you. A wonderful acting performance, and some great one-liners make this movie one that will make you laugh so hard you might cry. A must watch!

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