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Free Fire (2017)

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All guns. No control. 2017/3/31 90 min.


Garena Free Fire is an online action/adventure game, created by111 Dots studio and released for iOS and Android. It became the fourth most downloaded online, mobile game worldwide in its seventh year of release. Because of its popularity, the online game earned the award for "Most Popular Game" for the second time by the Google Play Store. It was also named" Apps of the Year" in Europe and "Mobile Gaming Awards" in Australia. In North America, Free Fire has become one of the top downloaded apps and is gaining more popularity due to its flash-based animation.

The story of Free Fire is set during the ancient era wherein there are two kingdoms, those which can build the tallest and most powerful towers to rule over others and the other who settle for peace and unity. A mysterious and powerful sorceress tries to steal the tower of the Kingdom of Heaven but a nobleman with the help of his family tries to stop her. Only a hero named Farah can stop her. However, Farah needs the help of the young Avatar who was raised by his foster parents to defeat the sorceress and save the Tower. This online role-playing game gives the users the opportunity to combine their own strategies and tactics to build up their powers by acquiring different weapons and power-ups while facing against mythical creatures who can challenge the strength of the Free Fire fighters.

To play this exciting online game, you need to collect the necessary items such as weapons and power-ups in the Garena store and then proceed to the battlefields to fight against the enemies and villains. During the battle, you can collect the money collected in the various stores (gained by the free-fire element) to buy various equipments and weapons to fight against the different enemy groups. There are many different maps available for Free Fire that you can choose from; however, most of these maps have limited resources which you can use to refill before the next map. Some of the available maps include: The Glade, The Outback, The Shiver, The Boulder Dome, The Crash Course, The Canyon, and The Caves.

In order to access the various Free Fire levels, you will need to create an account with the portal by providing your correct and valid email address and some basic details such as your first and last name, your preferred gender, your age, your login details, your financial information and your level of online play. The account creation is usually simple and you can proceed to the payment page by clicking on the'Payments' link which is located on the upper right corner of the portal. The payment page requires you to provide the following information: Your name; Your address; Your phone number; An email address if you wish to receive mails while playing free fire; Your Facebook and/or Twitter account name; An email address where you can communicate with the other players when in Free Fire. You can also choose to play with a group of people who have acquired a similar account.

If you don't have the above details and you are still interested to play free fire, you can also search for it in Google Play. When you visit the play store, you will be able to see a list of all the available games and applications. Once you click on the free fire icon, you will be taken to the free fire gaming page where you can select the type of game you want to play. The Google Play application provides various features which are similar to the ones offered by the official Facebook and/or Twitter applications.

Once you select the type of game you want to play, you can select the various options which are available to you such as the type of game, its graphics, its difficulty, its leaderboards, its rewards system and its social networking features. You will also be able to see in the drop down menu the link for Google Play which is used for updating the latest information about the game and the newest techniques for playing the game. This will help you become a battle royal master just like the real battle royale masters did. Try this out, and give free fire a try!

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