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Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

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Darkness rises... and light to meet it 2017/12/13 152 min.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the central chapter of the new space opera trilogy that has won countless fans, year after year, since 1977. Under the direction of Rian Johnson, however, the work transcends preliminary expectations, which matched the fact that The Force Awakens have been heavily inspired by the events of the original Star Wars film. The director, in this way, innovates, by not bringing many similarities with the format of previous films, having its own essence, which goes against the courageous decisions that the script, also of his authorship, makes in relation to this universe, its mythology and their characters. For many who see it, the work is, among all the works done so far, the promoter of the most relevant discussions, possessing a touch of humanity that makes it a true tribute to lovers not only of this very, very distant galaxy, but of the that she and her characters represent to a whole world, watch online the film and see for yourself.

In the new adventure, the Resistance continues to deal with the successive losses resulting from the advance of the First Order over the New Republic. In parallel, General Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher) also seeks to expand the Resistance's reach throughout the galaxy, especially on the Outer Rim, but with the approach of enemy fleets, the danger of its end is increasingly imminent. The hope lies in Ahch-To, where Rey (Daisy Ridley) seeks to make the reclusive Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) return to activity, if not by going against his sister and the remnants of the Resistance, at least training her so that when by the time she arrives, the young woman is prepared to face once and for all Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), murderer of Han Solo, who, more than ever, is being tormented by his own demons.

Beginning with this detailed analysis, Johnson's speech with Star Wars: The Last Jedi extraordinarily enhances the sentimental reach that Star Wars has with the most hardcore fans in the universe, boldly making this the most emotionally complex film in the saga. The Force has never been accompanied by so many nuances as now. When Ben Solo and Rey come together, facing the personal guard of Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis), what we see is not good against evil in its simplest form. The figure of Kylo Ren is linked to a much stronger inner conflict, which is expressed in words in the contrast between generations emitted by his speeches to Rey. The very revitalization of the franchise took place through choices that sought the introduction of new characters, to the detriment of the ancients, who, although gradually losing the meaning for the franchise in its narrative aspect, have not lost the emotional substance that they will always carry, which neither JJ Abrams nor Rian Johnson allowed to disappear from this intergalactic map.

The confrontation between Rey and Snoke, and the very character of Ben's manipulation by the Supreme Leader in times before the film, brings much of the burden that the presence of the Emperor showed in past works. Johnson's script does not, therefore, seek to completely redo an arc that has already been told other times, and especially in the classic trilogy, in a very similar way to the one told now. Remember that the minutiae of who the Emperor is and how he managed to take Darth Vader to the dark side of the Force is not explored in the Jedi Return. In both films, the past approach to such villains is not done, since if it is necessary to understand this aspect so that we are transported to the tale. The first story was about redemption, which is found narratively through the confrontation between Vader and his darkest feelings: personified by the enigmatic Emperor. This time, Snoke is the Emperor, however, the objective is another: to deconstruct a traditional vision of Good and Evil, which had been led by leaps and bounds by failed generations of both Jedi and Sith. From Darth Sidious to Luke Skywalker, everyone has failed.

Ria Johnson creates a powerful and immersive analysis of the mythological Force in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and gives Luke Skywalker an epic and touching conclusion that embraces his entire trajectory and closes it at a high level, setting the goal of this trilogy, which never lets the old sound harmless to changes , a baton pass for future generations. Furthermore, a powerful reminder of the meaning of a rebellion, of a resistance that, even if it is bound to perish in the face of setbacks, cannot afford to be forgotten, to be erased. As the final scene of the child playing with a imaginative lightsaber shows, hope resides throughout the galaxy, in the hands of those who will always remember unique legends who fought for good, and who will continue to live forever, watch now the movie and be a part of this classic.

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