Thor: Ragnarok
Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

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No Hammer. No Problem. 2017/10/24 131 min.


Marvel Studios presents the third installment of the most popular hero franchise among MCU fans; this time the son of Odin and god of thunder must face an unimaginable and terribly powerful enemy must do his best to survive and save his people.

From the hand of New Zealand director, actor and writer Taika Waititi, and acclaimed producer of the entire Marvel Universe, Kevin Feige; based on the trio script Eric Pearson, Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost; the tape was released on November 3, 2017, and raised more than eight hundred and fifty million dollars at the box office level, which indicates a great acceptance by fans and the general public.

After defeating the leader of the dark elves Malekith; Thor has dedicated himself to defending the nine kingdoms and establishing peace in the universe; the story begins with the fight between the son of Odin and Surtur, the gigantic fire demon, who warns him that the Ragnarok is inevitable.

But the arrogant and powerful Thor does not believe in his predictions and ends up decapitating him with the Mjolnir, taking his crown like a trophy and destroying practically his entire army, until an immense dragon tried to eat and calcine him.

At that moment Thor invokes Heimdall and the Bifrost to take him back to his native Asgard; but when everything comes to changing; Skurge is the one who controls the portal and lets him know that his friend Heimdall was declared a deserter; at that moment he understands that something is not right and immediately flies to the palace, there he finds an ordinary and populist Odin, he knows that he is not his father, so he takes his hammer and makes him reveal his true identity, as we know it is about Loki.

Furious makes him explain his father's whereabouts, he is in a rest house on earth, in New York City; when arriving this asylum is being demolished, but suddenly Loki is sucked by a vortex which leaves a warning, it is Dr. Stephen Strange who requests his presence.

Thor goes to the sanctuary and Stephen explains that his father is on the shores of Norway and that they must hurry if they want to be with him, through a vortex Dr. Strange transports them to where Odin is, he tells them that his physical time is over and he must go to another plane, his son asks him to resist until he reaches Asgard to heal him, but he insists that it is too late, the Ragnarok is about to arrive and nobody can avoid it.

He also confesses that his firstborn, Hela, is an evil being who is trapped in a dark dimension and that only retains the powerful spell that I use to stop her, but that once he disappears, he can return.

And so it was, Odin left the earthly plane and immediately a dark mist appeared in the place, from it emerged Hela, who introduces herself as Sovereign Ruler of Asgard and asks Thor and Loki to kneel before her and swear loyalty; Odin's children refused, and a tragic end awaits them.

From that moment both will have to survive extreme situations, and surprises will not stop appearing, Thor must find his true inner strength to fight his powerful enemies, but also find the right allies to try to conquer the huge battle that will wait.

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