Transformers: The Last Knight
Transformers: The Last Knight (2017)

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For one world to live, the other must die. 2017/6/16 154 min.


When it comes to the series, it is no surprise that it has had its fair share of sequels and reboots over the years. Whether it is a new actor taking on the role or a different script, the shows tend to be pretty similar.

However, the most recent movie in the franchise is a bit different from the others as it's based on the latest novelization of the story instead of the series. This new movie, Transformers: The Last Knight, features Samuel L. Jackson as Optimus Prime and Bryce Dallas Howard as Bumblebee, who were already cast in the first movie.

There's some other actors that weren't in the movie that were given their own parts, such as Kurt Russell as Orion Pax and Anthony Hopkins as the villainous King Crab. Overall, the movie is really good and is a lot better than the last movie. However, it might be a little too long at three hours and I was hoping for a bit more.

The story in this movie follows what happens after Megatron is defeated by Optimus Prime and Bumblebee (and by extension, Optimus Prime). Megatron also escapes from prison. The humans begin searching for them but are stopped by King Crab. It seems they need to rebuild Cybertron which was destroyed in the battle and have no idea what to do with the Mecannibals, Decepticons, or even the real Decepticons.

Online, I watched the first movie and really liked it and was very excited to see the movie, especially since it is based on the series. The great thing about the online feature in this movie is that it is all narrated by Peter Cullen, who plays the voice of Megatron in the movies.

During the movie, I found myself constantly getting bored because there were so many things to learn and know about the characters. I also found myself catching up on the series as well.

As far as the online feature goes, it is quite the same as the rest of the series and they don't hold back on anything. If you are interested in this film and are familiar with the series, I recommend watching it before you start the movie.

The movie is also pretty good and doesn't get a bad review from me because I enjoyed it. I would say that if you love the series and the movies, then you will definitely enjoy this movie.

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