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If they hear you, they hunt you. 2018/4/3 91 min.


A Quiet Place is a film that stars Michael Douglas and was directed by Stanley Kubrick. Originally released in theaters in 1970, A Quiet Place follows the life of an American government agent Richard III (Michael Douglas) during the post-World War II years. The film has become a cult hit on DVD due to its suspense and atmosphere. In fact, the film won eight Academy Awards and was made to order by director Stanley Kubrick.

A Quiet Place is very much like many of the psychological thrillers of the past such as Doctor Sleep or It Follows, which was made at the same time as A Quiet Place. However, A Quiet Place is different because it deals with the issue of parenthood. In fact, the film is even considered a mother's worst nightmare. What happens to Richard III (MICHAEL Douglas) after he returns home from World War Two?

Well, it used to. A few years back, A Quiet Place was pulled from the online streaming channel just a couple of months ago. However, the film is now available to watch via rentals. It's been a long time coming, but A Quiet Place 2 is the official sequel to the sleeper horror classic. This second film promises to be even scarier and we have got the scoop on the cast and characters for your viewing pleasure.

Michael Douglas once again stars as the lead character of A Quiet Place, this time as a man who returns home from war only to find his daughter has disappeared. He then must use all of his skills to track down his wife and locate her killer, a government scientist working on dangerous alien beings. It is said that this second film is much more violent than the first, which is absolutely true. With an all new cast including Jacob Lofland as Dr. Calvin Flowers, Kevin Dunn as Mike Weiss and RosaREPIDA as Mrs. Ellis (although this doesn't make her very exciting). This film should easily reach the top of the Blu-ray and DVD box office charts in the next few weeks.

It's debatable whether or not A Quiet Place 2 is better than its predecessor. Many critics and fans have both stated that they are a part of different genres. Yet A Quiet Place 2 is receiving an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. Some have even said the film is far better than the original. Regardless, this independent drama movie has earned some serious awards recognition. Its opening weekend sales figures have also been impressive.

This award-winning feature film will surely garner many awards at the next few upcoming awards ceremonies. A lot of people are raving about it. Based on the successful first movie, this latest takes the story in an interesting direction, but don't expect the same level of terror and suspense as in the first film.

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