Avengers: Infinity War
Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

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An entire universe. Once and for all. 2018/4/25 149 min.


Avengers Infinity War

Avengers Infinity War, the most ambitious project so far of Marvel Studios, in which all the characters that emerged in these three phases of the MCU will join, the film premiered on April twenty-two thousand eighteen, causing a great impact to all the followers of this successful franchise for its unexpected end; the astronomical collection belt amounts to two thousand fifty million dollars only as far as the box office is concerned.

The powerful Titan Thanos has seized the gem of power, one of the six gems that control the universe; it was in the custody of the Novacorp, security force of the planet Xandar.

Once destroyed, Thanos attacks the space ark where Asgard's survivors were traveling; place that was destroyed by Hela and the Ragnarok prophecy; in her also Thor and Loki are, this last one hides the Teseracto, that is not more than the gem of the space; this ruthless and powerful being believes that the salvation of the worlds goes through the balance of life, the planets cannot support so many inhabitants and that must be solved, for this, Thanos seeks to bring together the six gems of infinity and a click to eliminate half of the living beings of the universe, thus giving way to a new stage of peace and balance.

Thanos and his collaborators kill most of the Asgardians, neutralize Thor and hit Hulk sharply, who is sent to the ground with Haimdall's last sigh that invokes the Bifrost; Loki using one of his deceptions tries to attack Thanos, but he ends up strangling him and taking his life; that way he gets the second gem that he incorporates into his gauntlet; he orders Ebony Maw to go to the earth and get the time gem, and Midnight to take the mind gem.

Hulk lands in New York, in the Karma-ja temple that Dr. Strange guards in that city, both come to Tony Stark, who is walking through central park with his wife Pepper Potts; Bruce explains the situation, but it is too late for warnings, Ebony Maw is already on earth, and will seek to obtain the time gem that Stephen Strange guards as it gives rise.

Tony confronts the emissaries of Thanos with his new suit formed by a particular nano, along with the battle Dr. Strange, Wong and the young arachnid who joins the battle to lend a hand to his mentor.

Ebony Maw manages to catch Stephen and goes to space; Iron Man and Spider-Man manage to sneak into the ship and try to stop him.

Back on earth, this time in Scotland, Wanda and Vision hold a romantic encounter on the streets of Edinburgh, but they are ambushed and brutally attacked to assassinate Vision and thus obtain the gem of the mind; both fight against their powerful opponents but fail to defend themselves; resigned to being defeated, appears Captain Steve Rogers, who along with Natasha Romanoff and Sam manage to rescue them and take them to the Avengers operations center where Rhody will receive them.

In space are the guardians of the galaxy, who come to the call for help sent by the Asgardian ark; but upon arrival everything had happened and they only managed to rescue Thor; when they recover their knowledge, they tell them what is happening and decide to separate into two groups, Rocket, Groot and Thor will go to Nidavaliar to forge a weapon capable of defeating the mighty Thanos; Peter, Drax, Gamora and Mantis will fly to Knowhere to try to steal the gem of reality so that Thanos does not seize it.

The most powerful and brave heroes of the universe are deployed to try to stop the greatest threat that humanity has lived.

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