Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

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More than one wears the mask. 2018/12/6 117 min.


Sony Pictures in collaboration with Marvel, present Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse, a unique and peculiar version of the new adventures of the arachnid hero; the story is original by Phil Lord and the script adaptation was the responsibility of Rodney Rothman; in the direction we find the trio composed of Peter Ramsey, Bob Persichetti and Rodney Rothman; while in production were Christina Steinberg, Avi Arad, Chris Miller, Amy Pascal and Phil Lord.

Miles Morales is a young Spider-Man fan student; his parents changed him from school and now he tries to fit in a high-profile institute, Miles struggles to please his parents and reach their high levels of demand.

With he studies a beautiful girl named Gwanda, for which he feels a great attraction; the young man seeks advice from his uncle Aaron Davis, who encourages him to follow his passion for plastic arts and drawing, so he takes him to a train station where he can make those graffiti he likes so much; while capturing all his talent, Miles is bitten by a strange radioactive spider, which transmits skills like those of his idol climbs walls.

Miles cannot locate his uncle Aaron, so he decides to return to the train station trying to get it, there he finds a secret laboratory in which the supervillain Kingpin has built a molecular accelerator which allows traveling between alternate dimensions; his purpose is to find in a universe parallel to his wife and son, who died in a car accident.

The Green Goblin and Prowler arrive at the site, but Spider-Man is also introduced; the fight is not long in coming and the supervillains try to annihilate the arachnid with the powerful ray of the molecule accelerator, but things get out of control and the machine explodes, causing the death of the Green Goblin and a serious injury to the superhero, immediately Miles approaches and a connection arises between them, something unites them; Spider gives Miles a portable memory with the necessary information to deactivate the terrible machine, and warns him that it should never work again or the whole city pays the consequences.

Kingpin arrives at the laboratory and liquids an agonizing Spider-Man, Miles manages to escape and promises his hero that he will do everything possible to master his new abilities and occupy the space he left.

The memory that Spider-Man gave Miles is flawed, and an aging Peter Parker who comes from a parallel universe appears on the scene, bitter at the separation of his now ex-wife Mary Jane Watson, and greatly hurt by the sudden death of his aunt May; this reaches the dimension of Miles at the time they turned on the particle accelerator; both reach an agreement, old Peter will train Miles on the condition of finding the information to repair the machine and return it to its dimension.

The duo tries to enter Kingpin's offices, and Miles shows Peter how he can become invisible and fire a poison that electrocutes his victims. Kingpin's assistant, Olivia Octavius, surprises them at the research center and warns them before anyone warns them that nobody can spend a lot of time to a dimension they don't belong to because they run the risk of fading away.

Unexpectedly, a woman dressed as Spider, and with powers similar to those of Peter and Miles, faces Olivia and manages to get them out of the place; this is identified as Gwen Stacy, a superheroine from another dimension, who also turned out to be Miles Gwanda's classmate.

Spider-Woman takes Peter and Miles to the house of May Parker, where they will find other Spider individuals, all coming from different dimensions and that gradually deteriorate and weaken, the mission of the Spider is to repair the accelerator and send them to their respective dimensions.

Original title Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
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