To All the Boys I've Loved Before
To All the Boys I've Loved Before (2018)

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The Letters Are Out. 2018/8/16 100 min.


The first movie in the series of three Life is Beautiful DVDs features a passion scene which would definitely excite the young girls. The DVD is meant for those who want to take their passion for cars and a drive to the beach in a new and fresh way.

A Road Trip is a full-length movie made of about five DVD's, one for each season of the series. It is followed by the movie, which deals with a much different plot. The girl makes a trip to Cape Town, the actress plays a play and a movie about being fashion conscious was screened during the film shoot. This DVD offers a great opportunity for those who have always loved the actors, their costumes, their looks and their roles.

The second season of the series is also called as The Asian World Tour, which will cover a period of six months. While on this trip the girls will see the beautiful Indian cities, the place of the day and the perfect accommodation. This DVD is meant for the girls who are just beginning to explore Asia and are looking for a different route to follow.

The third season of the Life is Beautiful serie is set in Russia. With their country engulfed in a bloody civil war, there are still many patriotic Russians who do not want to join the country's war. However, they are very welcoming to the westerners. There are lots of people of different nationalities and many who will also go on their own adventure into the different countries of Europe.

A Wild Ride has been created especially for the outdoors lovers and is mainly aimed at those who love to ride their motorbikes on the open road. This movie makes a lot of fun and entertainment out of the girls and their adventures.

The final season of the series will start with a road trip to Greece, where the girls will get away from the city life and the fast-paced music and dance acts and will enjoy a quiet countryside ride. The scenery and the nature and the birds singing overhead will be a nice treat for the girls. The movie will be followed by A Second Route to Paradise, which will make the girls stay a bit longer at home after the journey.

The DVD series of the series has been dubbed in two versions, the original and a dubbed version. The dub is better because the actors are allowed to show more emotion and they are not afraid to make a mistake on screen.

So, this is the introduction of the series of DVDs that will let the girls all to remember the movies of the Boys I've Loved Before. This is indeed a dream come true for any girl who loves to drive fast cars, shop in a busy mall or get some beach vacations. A lot of them are willing to spend even more time for the movies to enjoy the beauty of a good and fresh beach.

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