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The world has enough Superheroes. 2018/9/28 112 min.


Venom is the prequels to The Dark Knight. Following the tragic death of his girlfriend Rachel Dawes in the first movie, The Dark Knight sees The Joker send an army of henchmen to attack Rachel's friend Sam Houston - who has also become obsessed with The Joker and the villainous plans he has for Rachel. The lone wolf, a trained and deadly assassin named Electro, is also tasked by The Joker to kill Rachel but is turned into a monster by the timely intervention of Sam Houston and some new villains.

Though the movie received mixed reviews upon its release, it has since gained popularity among movie lovers, especially those who love superhero movies and superhero team-ups. The movie saw the return of Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams and Jacob Lofland in their respective roles from The Dark Knight (the latter's role was briefly played by Hugolei Mara in the sequel), as well as Trace Ayala (Darth Vader) and Mackie James (Sin City'solph punches man) in the roles of Sam Houston and Electro. The movie continued to follow Eddie and Venom's bonding in the midst of chaos caused by the villain's latest attack on New York City, while The Joker escaped from Gotham city with The Sinister Six. The trailers implied that Electro was the leader of the Sinister Six, which made him the focus of the second movie of the Dark Knight trilogy...

Fans of the original Dark Knight will be happy to know that they can now catch up with the action via the upcoming Spider Man: Homecoming movie, due out in theaters in July 6th, 2018. And if you're a fan of the source material, you'll be able to see the second installment as well. However, there are still two more months of summer left until the release date for Spider Man: Homecoming, so fans of the superhero franchise will have to wait a bit longer before jumping into theaters again.

Venom: The Adventures of Peter Venison is set to debut in theaters in May of next year, before the release date for Spider Man 3. Directed by Ruben Fleischer, the film stars Harry Potter's Britain-raised star Daniel Radcliffe, as well as Australia's own Oscar-nominated actress Mila Kunis. The story centers on a government experiment gone wrong, in which a experimental drug causes Peter Venison (Harry Potter's nemesis) to transform into an aggressive, dangerous spider-like creature. The alien symbiote venom in Venison's blood fuels this new rage of his, which finds its way across the world and attacks not only Spider Man but also other Marvel characters including Wolverine and Incredible Hulk.

Since there's no official release date yet for Spider Man: Homecoming, fans have been trying to get online the week of May 1st so they can look for any word on whether or not they can pre-order the second installment of the superhero blockbuster. Many sites are reporting that they'll be streaming the movie exclusively online from May through November. Of course, there's always a chance that they'll be pushing it to theaters in December, which could mean a delay for Homecoming. So far, there's no word on whether or not Sony will be allowing online streamers of Venom: The Adventures of Peter Venison online.

Some may argue that it doesn't make sense for a studio to release an already-premier film online for free; they'll say that it doesn't allow them to effectively promote their newest movie. On the other hand, they're also saying that they don't think audiences will care that much if they can't see the movie in its entirety on the big screen. Regardless of what you say about this, it looks like the official Spiderman streaming site may have something up their sleeve. The next time you want to watch Spiderman online for free, look for the word "venom 2" somewhere in the URL. It might not be official, but it might still have a lot of viral potential.

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