47 Meters Down: Uncaged
47 Meters Down: Uncaged (2019)

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The Next Chapter 2019/8/15 90 min.


In the new movie, the sequel to that of 2017 that had so much success in the box office, 47 Meters Down. This time we have a different plot that will not force you to have watched the previous movie, this time it's about a group of girls that come from the U.S. to study, but then, they seem interested in exploring a bit more this place by going underwater with tanks of oxygen, to recently discovered Maya ruins, subject of study of one of the girl's father.

Sadly, once they enter this apparently inoffensive and curious system of caves they will discover that the rocks and the darkness have been hiding more secrets all these years than just those of the Mayan civilization, but all sorts of animals and species that have been living down there, adapting themselves to the precarious situations of their isolation from the outer sea.

The movie has raw and misunderstood moments for the general public. In 2017 the same director of this movie directed 47 Meters Down, which became a success that played with the fear of claustrophobia and sharks, creating a very remarkable film of the shark genre. He knew how to play with the frames, planes and camera movements that recreated the choking of the protagonists.

Change the location of the movie and that's it; the rest is the same, which makes it bland, without surprises and with archetypal and idiotic characters. Roberts has been carried away by his previous work and eaten by his own shark. He wants to delve deeper into the story, but fails to be deep or graceful or anything, in fact, he would swear that there are exactly the same planes as in the first.

47 Meters Down 2's interest is lost very quickly, things start to happen out of all logic and there comes a time when you say: oh, well, I've seen this before. And it's right there when your brain puffs and goes out. The funny thing is that 47 meters 2 it is not a bad movie, at all, it is entertaining, but it is exactly the same as the first one.

Overcome the shark with gigantism that tried to devour us last year in ‚ÄėMegalodonn‚Äô, we return to better-known waters to face medium-large size sharks. Not a summer without a ‚Äúsharksploitation‚ÄĚ title that somehow manages to escape from specialized channels in the genre to reach the big screen.

It is true that these feared animals are not always presented as the elegant and perfect aquatic killer that Spielberg told us they were but, when a film like '47 Meters Down 2' decides to start with half an hour of family problems of noon nap programming.

After the adventure in a diving cage of '47 Meters Down' (2017), the director and screenwriter of this unexpected franchise, Johannes Roberts, decides to take his new protagonists to a kind of submerged ruins that end up turning that segment of the film in a maze with a monster, something that would help the whole if it had not cost so much to get lost and if the threat itself was more than a beast that moves by simple inertia.

None of this matters if one has managed to accompany each other properly and has chosen with caution the cinema in which to see if Corinne Foxx and Sistine Rose Stallone, daughters of Jamie Foxx and Sylvester Stallone, turn this title into that fun and embarrassing first film experience. Something of trouble in the environment will help us to remember that this simple attraction of the fair should be enjoyed as if it were a verbena and that's it, go for the next one.

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