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6 Underground (2019)

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They say no one can save the world. Meet no one. 2019/12/10 128 min.


"Armageddon," "Pearl Harbor" and the "Transformers" saga have much more in common than the simple name of Michael Bay behind the cameras. Because this name is synonymous with a characteristic seal in the American film industry, which promises us an extraordinary production, with explosions, persecutions and a great visual and sound display. There are many fans and detractors of this director and producer, but there is no doubt that he stands out within the action cinema.

This year, Michael Bay decided to dabble in streaming, joining Netflix to bring the movie that premiered yesterday on the platform. This is "6 Underground", which brings together a group of individuals disconnected from the world and with nothing to lose to carry out missions that the "living" will not be able to do. One of them is to intervene in the Turkestan dictatorship and replace its leader.

The beginning of the film is somewhat chaotic and a visual bombardment for the spectator, who not only witnesses a long car chase but also the presentation of each of the characters. During the first part, the film comes and goes in time causing some confusion, but little by little it is beginning to accommodate to carry out the main mission, watch it now to see how it ends.

"6 Underground" meets when entertaining through visual display, with vast explosions carried out in a creative and impactful way as well as good fight choreography. All these scenes are enhanced by the special effects as well as the soundtrack that accompanies in a good way. The film maintains a frantic pace at all times that does not give respite to the public, it is a succession of well-achieved action scenes. To this is added a camera set that helps increase this feeling of vertigo.

If the viewer looks for in this film pure entertainment will achieve its purpose. However, if a more elaborate story is expected, with unexpected turns or some kind of surprise, you will not be satisfied. Here we are presented with a simple and linear plot where the characters must meet a goal and will do everything in their power to do so.

In this sense, we find a choral cast of Ryan Reynolds, M√©lanie Laurent, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Ben Hardy, Adria Arjona, Dave Franco and Corey Hawkins. Most are well in their role, providing a varied team in terms of origins and personalities. Reynolds feels better in black and acid humor, as we could see in ¬ęDeadpool¬Ľ, more than pure action, and manages to star in some of the funny moments of the film, which seeks to placate a bit of tension through grace , which sometimes it achieves and sometimes it does not.

In summary, "6 Underground" is a film that begins in an explosive and chaotic way but that with the passing of the minutes is on track to offer two hours of pure action, without lowering the pace throughout the film. However, if more than just a great visual and sound display is expected, it is likely that the film fails to satisfy the viewer. Undoubtedly a film with the seal of Michael Bay, we recommend you to watch it online and get your own opinion.

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