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Find your way home. 2019/9/19 92 min.


Jill Culton is known for being the main screenwriter of Monsters, Inc., a movie that meant success for both Disney and Pixar back in 2001. She has also worked on other animated feature films, such as Toy Story 2, in which she designed the characters; Bugs: A Miniature Adventure, in which she was the artist of the storyboard; and Open Season 1 and 2, which she directed and produced. This 2019, Culton returns as director and screenwriter of an animated film, with Abominable of DreamWorks Animation.

This new film tells the story of Yi, one more teenager in the huge city of Shanghai. One day, the young woman finds a yeti on the roof of her building. Although a creature like this would be supposed to be abominable, it turns out it's just a sweet little girl who has escaped from captivity in a cruel laboratory.

The bosses are looking for the terrified yeti everywhere, but Yi and her friends decide to help the creature to get to its family, in the Everest mountain, watch it now and find out how it ends.

The voice cast is very good, with talents such as Tenzing Norgay Trainor, Albert Tsai, Chloe Bennet, and Tsai Chin. Abominable has not been through to an easy road, instead, it's been actually a bumpy one, and it's been on it since 2010 until it could be finally released this year.

The original version was to be called Everest, then back in 2016 Tim Johnson together with Todd Wilderman as a co-director, took control of the Culton movie. This was until Culton came back again as the official director, taking Johnson's place, and finally, it was announced that Abominable got a release date for September 25 of this year, 2019.

Critics have agreed that this new film is one of the most attractive products of the union between Chinese cinema and Hollywood. Also, specialists have emphasized the fact that this film is adorable, cute and beautiful, both in the visual part, as in the story.

On the other hand, the critic has pointed out that although it is not an original story or that it comes out of what we have already seen on other occasions, the reality is that it is a charming, funny and moving tape, which will surely fascinate adults already the smallest of the home.

Finally, a small group of critics was dissatisfied with the result of the film, because they mentioned that the lack of originality made it difficult to differentiate it from other films with more quality. They also complained about the elaborate and meandering script that doesn't reach anywhere.

However, everyone agreed that the film is charming and although it does not stand as the favorite for the awards season, the truth is that it will conquer the children. Watch it now for yourself and see what do you think is the truth here.

The best that the film provides us is the recognition of nature. If we expect anything from productions like these, its animations are up to the occasion. And in Abominable they are. Not only do we delight in landscapes of enviable textures and colors, but we are witnesses of the magic that we only allow for children's cinema.

The yeti is, indeed, a being with the power to communicate with nature through music. Thanks to him and Yi, who plays the violin, we get into a world where the crossing of art and nature is essential and transformative.

The movie achieves its goal of being entertaining and moving, maybe most of all for the little ones more than for us adults, but in the end, that's what it should point at.

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