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The answers we seek are just outside our reach 2019/9/17 123 min.


A new space adventure is about to begin, the story and two astronauts closely related by their family ties, father and son, will show us the wonders of outer space and keep us clinging to the seat speculating what will happen in the next scene.

Directed by the director and screenwriter of Russian origin, Mr. James Gray, produced by Brad Pitt in collaboration with Dede Gardner, Rodrigo Texeira, Jeremy Kleiner and Anthony Katagas, and written by Ethan Gross and James Gray, arrives AD Astra.

The film was released for the United States on September 20, 2019, having an immediate success, highlighting above all the photography, musicalization and the extraordinary and impeccable performance of Hollywood veteran Brad Pitt.

The film has a first-class cast, starting with its protagonist and producer Brad Pitt in the lead role of the major astronaut Roy McBride; with him the beautiful actress and model Liv Tyler as Eve McBride; Hollywood veteran Tommy Lee Jones will also play H. Clifford McBride; the Irish Ethiopian Ruth Negga will be Helen Lantos; the Canadian and first actor Donald Sutherland will play Colonel Pruitt; John Ortiz will be General Rivas; Loren Dean as Donald Stanford; Greg Bryk will personify Chip Games; John Finn will be General Stroud; Lisa Gay Hamilton as General Amelia Vogel; Kimberly Elise will be Lorraine Deavers and Natasha Lyonne will play Tanya Pincus.

This story is about an extraordinary and very intelligent astronaut named Roy McBride who was abandoned by his father who was sent on a dangerous space mission to explore the activity of the planet Neptune in which life is suspected; two decades later Major McBride is assigned to tour the solar system in search of the result of his father's investigations.

Sudden and mysterious electric shocks reach the earth; alerting NASA experts and space agencies about a possible message implicit in them; However, after a deep analysis, they believe that it may be some kind of signal from Colonel McBride, who has not heard from for more than fifteen years and who was considered dead after his possible failed mission.

The high military command and NASA experts conclude that they must send a new mission to space to discover what happens and the origin of the discharges, for this he assigns Major Roy McBride, son of Colonel McBride.

The space travel environment develops between the protagonist's loneliness and the spectacular views of the solar system that present, with a sober and eloquent tone, all the thoughts and feelings found of the space traveler, who hopes to find his father and recover his LIMA project.

The specialized critic gives special emphasis to the professionalism of the fifty-year-old actor, since in an era where remakes, sequels and superhero tapes are the daily bread, this expert actor decided to reinvent himself and take the risk with a theme that although it is not a pioneer in its genre or innovative, it contrasts with at least all the films of this year, so it is a different proposal than what we have been observing.

We will see images and conceptualizations similar to Interstellar or Gravity, but with a much more personalized and even bleak approach, giving priority to the lonely adventure of the astronaut.

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