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Choose Wisely. 2019/5/22 128 min.


For this great remake party that is being held by the giant of the Disney children's industry, this guest could not be missing that was so special for adults and children and that for many years he positioned himself as everyone's favorite, we talk about Aladdin and the Magic lamp genie.

However, like his colleague The Lion King, Aladdin will be relaunched in a real and not animated image version as it was in his original premiere, which goes without saying that it was one of the highest-grossing animated hits of all time.

The film will be directed by Guy Ritchie, produced by Dan Lin and Marc Platt, with screenplay adaptations of John August and Vanessa Taylor; the musicalization will be in charge of Alan Menken, the photograph of Alan Steward, while the assembly will be the responsibility of James Herbert.

As for the cast, we have top-level actors such as Hollywood star Will Smith, who will play the versatile genie of the magic lamp Djinn; the twenty-seven-year-old Egyptian actor Mena Massoud will play the leading Aladdin; the former Disney Channel image, British actress Naomi Scott will be the beautiful princess Jasmin; while the actor born in Tunisia, Marwan Kenzari will be the evil Grand Vizier Jafar; the Sultan of Agrabah will be personified by the first Iranian actor Navid Negahban.

Aladdin was released for the United States of America, on the twenty-fourth day of May, two thousand nineteen; obtaining excellent reception by the audience with an approval of ninety percent, and a score of eight and a half out of ten.

Aladdin is a young thief who lives in the Agrabah market, who along with his pet and partner, the monkey Abu, is the annoyance of the merchants. A day like any other, Aladdin meets a beautiful young woman who wanders through the passages of the noisy and busy market, marveling at everything she observes.

Immediately Aladdin intuits that this beautiful young woman is not one more buyer, so he follows her and rescues her from other thieves, and in that way she knows her and they become friends; Aladdin takes her to her house where she confesses her true identity, and tells her that she must return to the palace, but forgot a beautiful family bracelet.

At nightfall, Aladdin tries to sneak into the palace to return the valuable jewel, but is quickly captured by the guards and locked in the dungeons under the crime of attempted robbery.

The Great Vizier Jafar and his malicious pet, the Iago parrot, try to overthrow the Sultan and seize the kingdom, for this he seeks the magic lamp that carries with him the powerful genius Djinn who grants three wishes to those who possess it.

The problem is that the lamp is in the cave of wonders, and only a chosen one can enter it; Jafar and Iago must find it because otherwise they will not be able to obtain it, the one chosen in this case is Aladdin. Jafar makes use of his influence as Grand Vizier and visits the young thief in the cells of the palace; he proposes a deal, his freedom in exchange for his help in obtaining the lamp.

Aladdin, Jafar and his henchmen travel to the desert where the cave of wonders is located, when he arrives as a young man he enters the cave without problems and quickly identifies the lamp, but, before delivering it, he also takes a nice rug. Upon handing the lamp to the dangerous Jafar, he betrays him and throws him back into the cave, while he closes his entrance until the next chosen one appears. However, his skillful friend, the Abu monkey along with the surprising magic mat, manages to snatch the lamp from Jafar's hands, and now everyone is trapped.

Aladdin rubs the lamp ... The powerful genius Djinn appears, who manifests himself imposingly, and explains that he has the power to ask for three wishes, no matter what, he can fulfill it. After a long negotiation, Aladdin and Abu manage to convince the genius to take them out of the cave without spending a wish.

Once outside, he makes his first wish, asks to become a powerful prince to impress the beautiful princess Jasmin that he fell in love with; Before granting it, the genius explains that each desire carries a consequence, but Aladdin does not pay attention to it.

So, this familiar story begins that will remind us of the child we carry inside and relive all the adventures of these fun characters.

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