Alita: Battle Angel
Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

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An angel falls. A warrior rises. 2019/1/31 122 min.


This film is a science fiction action thriller starring Jennifer Lopez and Alexander Skarsgård as the young love, Alita. Alita was once a member of the Space Navy and has been sent into deep space in order to investigate a series of strange phenomenon. When she arrives in this strange, alien world, she discovers that she has been taken prisoner by the evil aliens known as the Scavengers and her only hope to escape is to battle her way through the deadly maze that the Scavengers have made to keep Alita captive. Once Alita escapes, she discovers that a huge secret about her past has been kept from her and the secret will lead Alita to fight the Scavengers and save the Earth once and for all.

Julia Garcia is the director of this exciting and fun film and she did an amazing job in making Alita into a movie that is not only entertaining but also has a lot of action and excitement. The storyline in this film is excellent and I really liked it, Alita is a well developed character and her past is well presented in this movie.

Julia Garcia is great at directing and her special effects in this film were great and I was happy to see the many aliens being used throughout the film, especially the ones that were used during the time frame of the movie. Alita is a very well done character, she had a unique costume throughout the movie but I liked that she had a normal outfit throughout.

Julia Garcia did a fantastic job at casting the right person for the role of Alita, Alexander Skarsgard was very good in the role. Alexander Skarsgard is known for his roles in the movies True Blood and House of the Dead, so I was sure that he would do a great job at playing Alita. Alexander Skarsgard was also the best actor that Julia Garcia cast for the role of Alita. Julia Garcia also cast Alexander Skarsgard as a couple of other alien species throughout the film and the combination of the two actors was quite good.

Overall, Julia Garcia did a great job at casting the right people for the roles that she cast for her cast in the film, the cast was great and I liked the chemistry between the cast and the director. Julia Garcia did a great job with this film and it was a very enjoyable movie to watch.

Overall, Julia Garcia did a great job with Alita: Battle Angel and I recommend that you go watch this film. if you haven't yet.

Original title Alita: Battle Angel
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