Angel Has Fallen
Angel Has Fallen (2019)

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Loyalty is under fire 2019/8/21 122 min.


Gerard Butler returns to action again as US secret service agent Mike Banning; Lionsgate presents the third installment of the Has Fallen saga, this time directed by Ric Rom√°n Waugh, and produced by actor Gerard Butler in collaboration with Alan Siegel, John Thompson, Matt O`Toole, Less Weldon, and Yariv Lerner.

The film was released on August twenty-third of two thousand and nineteen in the United States of America, obtaining the approval of eighty-three percent of the audience, while the specialized critic granted a weighting of four points out of five; the film exceeded one hundred million dollars in its first two weeks of projection.

The shooting of the film was made in various locations, starting in Virginia Water Lake, located in the United Kingdom, and continuing its European tour of Bulgaria and Scotland.
The occupant of the oval office of the White House is changing, Allan Trumbull is the new president of the United States, and as he always has in his ranks with his friend Mike Banning; to which he sends to a special training in the private facilities of former military Wade Jennings, who serves as director of a prestigious security company called Salient Global.

David Gentry is the current head of the secret service and a trustworthy man of President Trumbull, but he is in a condition of retirement, so they nominate Jennings to take up his position and be responsible for the safety of the president.

Mike is suffering from severe attacks of migraines and insomnia, adding to strong back and spine pain, so he is developing a strong addiction to painkillers, which is affecting his performance as an agent.

President Trumbull organizes a small holiday trip, will go fishing his favorite lake; the secret service team prepares the entire operation and President Trumbull is in his boat next to Mike with whom he enjoys a pleasant conversation; Suddenly there are a series of unmanned ships loaded with explosives attacking everyone in the place; Mike immediately reacts and jumps into the water with the president, managing to survive the terrorist attack.

The whole team is dead in the place, the only ones who managed to save themselves were Trumbull and Banning, who are transferred unconscious to the nearest hospital; upon regaining consciousness Mike realizes he is handcuffed in bed and is accused of the attempted assassination of the President of the United States.

The person in charge of the investigation is the FBI agent Helen Thompson, and President Trumbull is still in a coma; the federal investigation bureau found DNA from Agent Banning in the van that allegedly deployed the drones, there were remains of the defendant's hair, so he is presumed guilty.

Mike is transferred to a maximum-security detention center, but is attacked by a subversive group, who seek to assassinate the agent of the secret service; this takes the opportunity to escape and try to discover the real culprit, but not before eliminating the terrorists.

Aware of the extreme vigilance over his family, Mike contacts his wife Leah to let him know that he is well and that he will seek to clear his name; having nowhere to go, he goes to his father's cabin in the woods, whom he has not seen for a long time; Banning managed to identify the aggressors as members of the Jennings team, who tries to blame him.

President Trumbull is still in a coma and cannot help Mike; Congress appoints Vice President Martin Kirby as commissioner; who declares in front of the press that Mike Banning together with the Russian government attempted murder against President Allan Trumbull.

Mike and his father Clay must protect Leah and his little daughter, who are targets of Jennings' men and unmask the true perpetrators of the terrorist attack.

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