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Britt-Marie Was Here (2019)

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It's never too late to start living. 2019/1/25 98 min.


One of the early movies to make the internet explode was Britt-Marie Was Here. Starring Nicole Kidman, the film was all about someone trying to find her younger sister's house in Maine. The plot is not complex but a bit of mystery leads to a set of real estate agents who have nothing to do with Britt-Marie and she ends up needing to confront them. The first thing you notice is that it's very different from other feature films of the time, but it's also refreshingly simple.

The film has only one picture on DVD and it's only available on online movie stores but if you want to see a real unedited version then you can check out a VHS tape. So, with all that in mind here's a little Britt-Marie Was Here movie trivia and information to put you on your way to seeing it!

For starters, we know that this movie is based on an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical called "Britt Marie". In fact, it was so popular that the musical itself became an international success when it was revived in 2020. However, there were some significant differences between the original production and the adaptation. In the movie version, Britt-Marie is still a teenager who travels to Maine but she's actually older, so she deals with both a teenage pregnancy and a social life at the same time.

While some people have complained about the violence in the film, it's perfectly suitable for an animated film and although there are some adult themes, the film isn't quite as disturbing as some would have you believe. The only violence here comes from a book and is the result of something Britt-Marie did in one scene. Some critics think that the violence is too much for young children to handle.

Even though this movie has only two known sources of footage it is still available on DVD, and while it is the most commonly available of the songs from this movie it doesn't come cheap on streaming websites such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. To avoid paying a lot for something that you'll only watch once, it's best to only purchase it on DVD where you can watch it for free.

The other downside to this film is that the music in the film was performed by great musicians such as Elton John and The Jackson 5. While they add some excitement to the film, they also get into the thick of things which could be distracting for some.

All in all, the web is great for finding your favorite movies because you can look at the actual physical features instead of having to rely on some rental company's online program. With more people are making the switch to streaming as their main source of movie viewing, this movie is worth checking out.

This film is a movie worth watching. It's funny, it's sexy, and you can even feel nostalgia for your childhood as it's the same sort of movie that your parents would have shown you.

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