Chasing the Dragon 2 : Master of Ransom (2019)

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2019/7/19 N/A min.


The Chinese film industry presents a new production of drama, action, and violence, based on the life of a known criminal from that country. The work was written, directed and produced by the Hong Kong Wong Jing, and premiered in the Asian country on June 6, 2019, by the company Intercontinental Film Distributors HK.

It features performances by personalities from the Asian field such as Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Gordon Lam, Louis Koo, Sabrina Qiu, Sherman Ye, Phat Chan, Willie Wai, Lukian Wang, Jason Wong, Simon Yam, Candice Yu, and Du Jiang.

The story of this film is based on the last years of the life of the criminal Cheung Tze-Keung, known for being a famous kidnapper, arms smuggler, and scammer; this dangerous criminal died in 1998 at the age of forty-three.

It all starts with one of his most famous kidnappings; he preached that money was the most important thing in his life, and that he used unconventional means to seize it, regardless of the consequences, since in most cases it was poorly distributed and someone had to take care of it. He boasted about saying that only he was able to capture the great magnates of China and do justice over their disproportionate fortunes.

At the end of 1996, the danger and famous criminal is known as Logan, this is how Cheung Tze-Keung will be known in this film, kidnaps Li and Lui, children of a powerful businessman from Hong Kong who demands the scandalous figure of two billion Hong Kong dollars, in exchange for the lives of their children.

At that time Hong Kong was a city sunk in corruption, blackmail was presented at any scale and in any institution, and Logan took advantage of that situation to buy many spies within the security forces.

He always warned his victims that one of the conditions to preserve the life of the hostages, apart from the rescue, was not to file a complaint with the authorities, since in one way or another he would find out by having eyes and ears inside the police and that would cause the immediate death of the kidnapped.

Logan's network of corruption and criminality is getting bigger, it already crosses the borders of Hong Kong, it is no longer a regional problem to become a national; and that is why the highest authorities of the security forces of the Asian country plan undercover operation to capture Logan, without any complaint against him, no witness or forceful evidence against him, this must be caught at the time he commits Crime is the only way to bring it to trial.

The operation will be secret and low profile, very few people will know about it; the Sky police officer has been selected to act as an undercover agent, he must mix with Logan gangs and climb positions until he meets the leaders who can include him in the kidnapper's networks.

Sky is in great danger, because if he is discovered by any of the criminals, his death will be assured, so he must gain the confidence of gang leaders to reach everyone's boss, Logan, and articulate his capture together with police.

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